Which brand and type of DVD media would you recommend me?

My apologies if my question is a bit simple, but I am new here on this forum and noticed that there are a lot of expertised people around here, and I wouldn’t know where else to go with my question.

I’ve ordered a Lite-On LDW 411S DVD burner yesterday and I was wondering which brand of DVD media I can best use with this burner. For CD-R I always use Platinum Cd’s, which seem to give me good results. Anyway, DVD seems to be an entirely different matter, so hence my question.

Also, something I’ve been really wondering about is which type of DVD media I can best use if I want the DVD to be compatible with as much stand alone DVD players as possible. + or - ?

And what type can I use best for backing up data only for my compter? (so no use in a stand-alonde DVD player)

It would be great if someone can give me some advice on the above mentioned things as I really don’t know what DVD brand and type to buy and my DVD burner will probably arrive here tomorrow. Thanks!

As there’s a lot of discussion about the LiteOn DVD drives,
I recommend to check out the LiteOn forum at


and the DVD media tests at


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Hi Ferruccio and welcome to the forum!

This gets discussed in a lot of threads, so keep reading em.
What media to use for your stand alone players depends entirely on them. In very general terms, the better quality media will be more likely to be more compatable, but as to DVD-R vs DVD+R, there’s no telling. My JVC player does not support either, but plays all DVD+R and some DVD-R.

With the 411, I’d recommend Fuji DVD-R (made in Japan) and Fuji DVD+R. All DVD+/-RW seem to work well, but again my preference is Fuji.

I recommend DVD-R and DVD+R media made by Taiyo Yuden.

For example:
Plextor 4X DVD+R
Verbatim datalifeplus 4X DVD-R and DVD+R (MUST say made in Japan on the packaging! or else it’s mitsubishi chemicals).

Thanks a lot for the tips everyone! It seems I will have to do a test with both + and - first to see which type my stand alone DVD player will handle. It’s a Panasonic DVD player.

But isn’t there one of these types that is commonly known to work on more stand alone DVD players than the other type? During my research on which type of DVD is best I read somewhere that 90% of the stand alone DVD players can read DVD+R and only about 70% can read DVD-R. Can anyone confirm this?

Taiyo Yuden indeed seems very popular on this forum. The only problem is that I always order my CD-R (and soon also DVD-R or DVD+R) on the net, so I can’t really see on the packaging where the discs were produced. I will keep in mind those brands you mention though and perhaps order some small quantities first to see if they’re indeed made in Japan.

Thanks a lot again for all the info! This really helps me on the way

Oh, and btw, can anyone tell me if Platinum DVD+R are any good? I live in the Netherlands and there’s this site where they do product comparicons,etc. And for both CD-R and DVD+R the brand Platinum is always at the top. Fuji was in this list also. The TDK and Plextor are probably too expensive to show up in this list though. But I guess quality doesn’t always necessarily mean that it has to be expensive right? (Just look at Lite-On…)

If I knew the manufacturer of the platinum discs, then I would be able to comment on them :wink:

But I don’t and they’re not sold around here…

Isn’t there some kind of software available to determine the manufacturer? Beacause if there is then I can run a test to find out of course. I have some Platinum CD-R right here and I guess the DVD’s will have the same manufacturer

I have some Platinum CD-R right here and I guess the DVD’s will have the same manufacturer

Not likely.
If you buy Fuji DVD-R in jewel cases, 5 pack or 10 pack, they are almost certain to be TY. The spindles are usually not TY. This assumes you are in the USA.

I checked on the manufacturer of the Platinum CD-R I already spoke of. (I found CD-r Identifier to do this) Here are the results:

Manufacturer: Ritek Co.

Is this any good?

RiteK makes a range of CDR’s with different dyes and relative quality. In general they are fine if not burned faster than their optimal speed.

Platinum DVD+R

Well seems to be either ritek or ricoh(manufactured by ritek).

at least most ricoh discs is okay, but quality is varying from batch to batch…