Which board?

I am going to be purchasing an e6300. I also have 3 boards to choose from

ASRock 775I65G
ASRock 775Dual-VSTA

currently i have 2x1024 or ddr 400 ram and an agp x800 gto which iwant to keep using for a till early next year.

I ahve decided againt the ASUS P5PE-VM Vid/Snd due to the fsb being capped at 250 so its between ASRock 775I65G & ASRock 775Dual-VSTA.

My question is which of these 2 boards is best for overclocking the e6300 i would like to get the e6300 up to or close as possible to 2.4.

So which of the 2 is better for overclocking?

go with the ASRock 775I65G, since it has a intel chipset. However I read there are more sucessful overclocks with the VSTA board, but that is a VIA chipset.

I would reccomend saving up a bit longer, and upgrading to a pcix16 board.

Maybe my words wont be as strong as the ones of some members here (well, Im still like a 10-posts n00b around here), but I would never recommend getting Asrock… Im not gonna say bad words or swear against it, but lets just said I had some terrible experiences in the past, so I hate that brand, and would never think of installing one that I’d get as a present.

On the other hand, Asus is actually a pretty good brand, just like MSI (what Im using right now). I know you are asking more for the overclocking perspective, but after going to my PC’s funeral, because of an Asrock board, I wouldnt recommend it, at all.


I would recommand you search the web for reviews of all your boards your looking for to upgrade to going by forum users advice is something to give a users input but for real comparisons go to the web where there plenty of reviews by creditable sources on motherboards. Plus good advice always go with a known name that has good warranty and reliablitity. Doesn’t mean go with a board costing $400 or so but just make sure your know what your getting. I never heard of Arock so I can’t give review or advice on that product. But I read and seem reviews on Asus and MSI and they have been reviewed and tested with various motherboards. And as for chip set don’t go with one set as-not to knock Intel-one chipset will only go with one type of CPU and that if your going to upgrade or overclock will limited your abilities. Make a list first what you want to spend and what you want your motherboard to be capable of doing-not like two days from now-but if you want to overclock what CPU and chipset will limit you to will make a money matter for you. Hopefully this helps better inform you of what your options are.

I have looked at extensive review on the vsta and it gets good reviews, This is only a temporarty measure until i decide to upgrade my gfx card and my ram. I also cant find anything regarding the ASRock 775I65G motherboard though.

Im currently running an athlon 3000+ on a 754 board with 1.5gb of ram. What do you think i could get out of a ASRock 775I65G board.

Asrock are Asus manufacture, it’s their low-end range of products, the which they decided to come up with a different name for. So Asrock mobos are probably just as reliable as any Asus board, what they lack is features. For example, don’t expect do some great overclocking on Asrock, and I guess this answers your question, lokki316. Though I haven’t looked at the specs of the boards you listed, for oveclocking get Asus or MSI.

Where do you live?
I’d go for a Intel 915-chipset based motherboard.
Gigabyte have a few motherboards that’s cheap and supports C2D for instance.

@ Intx

Before even doing assumptions do you have an idea what “value” means?
ASRock uses cheaper capacitors (shorter product life) and sometimes rather odd PCB design which shows up as “funny” quirks in general.

Maybe you shouldn’t make assumptions yourself. I know exactly what value means, and was just trying to tell a few things about AsRock in general (though it may have turned out to be a little exaggerating), the conclusion of which was also not to get it. I find the tone of both your questions offending, the one directed at me, and the other at the thread starter. “Where do you live?” isn’t exactly a decent way of answering someone who seeks advice. If you have a different opinion then tell it without bashing at others.

I’m asking where he/she/it lives because there quite a big difference in price not to mention that some hardware is more or less impossible to get in some countries and since this forum has a quite wide user base others can also contribute with good and in many cases even cheaper retailers than what the topic stater is looking at but I guess that one big stupid idea…