Which Blu Ray Writer?



Hi all,

Hoping someone could help me here please!? When it comes to Blu Ray im a total newbie

Been looking today at finally investing in a Blu Ray writer, but I have no idea which to go for!? Unfortunately whilst there are reviews around Google when I then search for that model its been discontinued or cant find a retailer.

Couple of websites I order from in the UK are:
http://www.ebuyer.com/search?page= […] ubcat=2111
http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Com […] R+Writers/

Im not worried about an external blu ray writer as I want to keep the price around £60 or less, however, if the little extra makes that much of a differnce then be interesting to hear. Its just for personal use, films, backup files perhaps, so nothing major.

I’ve seen all this hype around “12x” on the blu ray, assuming this is the read speed? Does it make that much difference? Again, as a total newbie I have no idea on time scales compared to DVD.

I thought about the Pinoeer BDR-206DBK - but the reviews were not very good saying not backward compatible so some players will not read the media? I have no idea why or the issue behind this, but seems a common problem on these so again im stuck!

Any help really appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome to the forums firecracker69.

The Pioneer 206 is a very good blu ray drive, and the one I would choose from the lists at either of your regular shopping sites, though the LG’s are also good drives. Neither shop seems to have the newer LG 12x drives.

12x refers to maximum writing speed for the drive. Most media is rated at 4 and 6x however, so top speed is not really all that important. I personally would never burn single layer BD-R disks faster than 6x, and with my older LG model, I burn at 4x most of the time.

Compatibility of your burned disks depends on the capabilities of your player/reader combined with the quality of the disks you choose and possibly your burning speed. So, the drive that you burn with is down the list of things that might cause problems in playback. It [B]is[/B] possible to get some bad combinations of media and poor support in the firmware of the drive, which can lead to bad burns, so we recommend sticking to certain types of blu ray media that are known to be good.

The brand we recommend most often is Verbatim. Be aware that Verbatim makes two types of BD-R disks, and I recommend that you only use the regular, inorganic dye Verbatim BD-R. The other type is designated LTH, and uses an organic dye. Some players/drives are not very compatible with the LTH type, so unless you know for certain that all the equipment you intend to use with these burned disks are compatible, stick with the regular type. Here is an example of the good ones at Amazon.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Verbatim-43689-BD-R-25GB-Spindle/dp/B001G0N4TM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1323717789&sr=8-1

By the way, be careful not to buy a drive listed at either site that is designated as a BD ROM. It will be a combo drive, that burns cds and dvds, but not blu ray. It will only read blu ray.


Thank you.

Do you think it is because I am UK based that we dont have the newer blu ray writers yet? I checked out a couple of other computer stores here:


But again cant see any 12x LG other than the external one priced about £100.

Do you recommend a specific model of writer, then I can perhaps try and track this down via Ebay or other Amazon maybe? I’d rather work from a recommended drive than take a random guess?

Really appreciate all the feedback provided, even with the discs, I know what to look out for once I’ve got a writer. Thanks for the heads up on BD Rom - reading the forums I saw that someone else got caught out here and wondered why they couldnt burn any discs :stuck_out_tongue:


Three of the most popular models available in the US (at least amongst our members) are the Pioneer 206, the Lite-0n iHBS112/212, and the 12x LG drives, which vary a bit in designation. I’ve seen LG WH12LS38 and LG BH12LS35, depending if they are OEM or retail, but they may not be imported into the UK yet.

The only reason I’d hesitate to get the older 10x LG models is due to LG’s notoriously slow/non-existant updates to firmware for discontinued models. They’ve been a little bit better for the blu ray drives than their dvd drives, but that’s not saying a great deal. Nothing wrong with the writing quality of the LG drives though.

Any of the models I’ve mentioned should be fine.


Good recommendations Kerry. :iagree:

It and the Pioneer 206 seem to be the best models according to our poll.

I must admit I fancy the look of the LiteOn iHBS112 as it’s available cheaply here in the UK.

Dixons have it for £69.99 ATM with free delivery.

I just wish I could get decent blank media here at a reasonable price. :rolleyes:



Hi again,

Just to say a massive thank you for the help / feedback given!

In the end, due to limitations in the UK and going on advice I went for the Pioneer BDR-S06XLB. Its the newest model drive and cost me £67.00 - plus being the full retail version it included a full version of Cyberlink Media Suite - which on its own cost the same as the whole package I just bought, so again seemed well worth it! :smiley:

Just in case anyone else was considering this writer, I found the following review about it that might be helpful to others:

I’ve also taken note on the discs to use thank you, again after further research (which I may or may not regret) I am going to try some cheap Aone Blu Ray media, 10 discs for £7.59 (http://www.ebuyer.com/180269-aone-4x-bd-r-25gb-blu-ray-discs-inkjet-printable-10-pack-spindle-bdr-ff-10c). The reviews have been very very good for this media, they use the inorganic dye as well - so thought why not!?

Thanks again all :slight_smile: