Which blu ray burner is best

Which blu ray burner is best. I need one that will bitset dvd+r.

Most of the discussions on good bd burners has focused on LG and Pioneer. Looking at Newegg, the models available are the Pioneer 206 and the LG WH12LS30. Two Degrees was doing extensive testing of his drives (he has both Pioneer and LG models) and he seemed to prefer the LG slightly.

The LG is much less expensive, and you should be able to change booktype when burning with ImgBurn. (just a guess though) Don’t think that’ll work for the Pioneer.

I almost never burn anything except blu ray in my old LG GGW-H20L, but I tested a dvd video burn in it just now, and ImgBurn does change booktype in this drive successfully.

Thanks… Now I just have to wait for a coupon.

Just a quick confirmation on WH12 bitsetting :slight_smile:

Just popped the new drive in and tried testing the +R bitsetting w/ ImgBurn . Kept hanging at “Writing Leadin…”, required a hard power-off to release the drive. Dropped back to and no problems. Might just be my rig, but worth a mention.

Had to get the DOA drive newegg sent me replaced. Decided to try to avoid the cost of newegg’s RMA process. The WH LG drives are handled by LG’s commercial division, so I called their 800 # and got through to a repair tech in Texas almost instantly :eek:. Explained to him that the drive could not read BD’s, steps I’d taken to eliminate non-drive-related issues, and such a treat to hear " I’m sorry for the inconvenience, what is the drive’s model and serial #". No 20 point check list of Q&A :clap:. He actually knew that I knew it was toasted :). Serial # told him it was within warranty, no request for receipts or proof of purchase. Just “We will E-mail you a pre-paid shipping label and return instructions, again I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you”. Had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming :bigsmile:.

Took 5 days from drop-off at Fedex to a new drive on my front porch. Time to grab another cup o’ coffee and see if this thing is as good as the WH10 ;).

LG BH10LS30 (WH10LS30) also support bitsetting.