Which blank DVD is best for me?

Hey guys, newbie here, I suppose this goes here.

I have a dell laptop with an internal dvd-writer:
I think its 8x… I assume the writer is crap, but its the best I have atm. :frowning: I’ve only used it to burn one dvd so far, which was a ridata disk from ritek (16x dvd-r) and didn’t really run into any problems.

And so I did a lot of reading for the past 2 days and the 2 best blank dvd media seem to be Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. I am wondering which would be the best for my writer. I only have a limited selection because I don’t like ordering online.

I am basically planning to burn video files on these and had narrowed it down to 8x dvd-r’s from TY or Verbatim from this site:


The info they have on those dvd’s is limited so I’m not sure if its helpful, but I figured you guys are the experts and might know anyways.

I was originally planning to try those TY value line, but I heard a lot of things ranging from them being fake, or some people getting bad batches and so on. If they are real I was planning on trying them out (I read the thread about spotting fakes, so I guess I have some knowledge on it). But I wanted to double check and see if anything else would be better, you can see the whole selection here:


I tried looking at some retail stores for Sony, Verbatim, etc. MIJ dvds, but to no avail, even if they did its around $30 for a 50 pack.

If anyone can help me with choosing the best one (I’m really in decisive :sad:) that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My choice would be the first ones - the regular 8x TY DVD-Rs (TYG02).

It’s a shame you can’t find any of the 8x +Rs (YUDEN000 T02), though, as they’re excellent too.

[quote=Arachne;1977211]Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My choice would be the first ones - the regular 8x TY DVD-Rs (TYG02).

It’s a shame you can’t find any of the 8x +Rs (YUDEN000 T02), though, as they’re excellent too.[/quote]
Hmm, I just noticed those were out of stock in my location. Are those considered premium line? If not what is the difference from the value line. I have heard many bad things about the store lol, so they might just all be fakes, but I’ll definitely check it out.

In the worst case scenario that they are fake, should I just grab any verbatim 8x dvd-r or +r instead? Is there such thing as “bad” verbatims, or how do I look for MCC verbatims? Also if my drive is 8x I shouldn’t be using 16x right? Or is 16x still fine? I only burn at half my drive speed (4x), although I think its even lower than that. It took me near an hour to burn a full disc.

So if I don’t get the TY I would either be getting these two:

Has anyone used those? Are they good?

Sorry, I seem to be stemming more and more questions! :disagree:

edit: btw, I just scanned the 16x ridata disk that I burned and these were my results:

General Information
Firmware: BD1B
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 163
Average: 33.98
Total: 597084
PI failures
Maximum: 4
Average: 0.07
Total: 9824
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 19:38
Number of samples: 114784
Average scanning interval: 1.22 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

The quality score was 90.

I have never used Ritek but I have heard good and bad things about them. I use HP, Sony, and Fuji for my savers. I use GQ, Ativa, and NexxTech for everything else, don’t get me wrong I burn well on the so called cheap branded disk too! Just lowering the speed of burn helps with this. :bigsmile:

It took me a long time to burn that disc, I think it was around 45 mins at 1x speed or something… Maybe because I can only support up to 8x and used a 16x dvd? So I guess I will try to get any TY or verbatim that is 8x. Still have a hard time choosing from these:


Anyone buy any of those before? I might just pick one at random. :rolleyes:

You will never achieve much speed above 2.4x on your laptop drive, so I would recommend and external burner cause they are cheap and to save the internal should you need to reinstall software or OS in the future. 16x on media is their rated speed but for cheaper media use 8x or below and the better media you can at 8x or above depending on your system hardware and specs.

[quote=THE C.;1977775]You will never achieve much speed above 2.4x on your laptop drive[/quote]What is the basis for this statement?