Which BenQ


I am thinking of getting a BenQ burner, either a 1610 or a 1620. I am leaning to a 1610 not just to save a few bucks but I do not need DL so the 1610 makes sense. how good are these drives? I want the best write quality I can get for DVD +R and -R. The best part is a local shop has the 1610 for $73 usd.

Newegg is only $8 more expensive for the 1620 inc shipping, although not needed right now dual layer discs are getting cheaper.

I have just got a Benq 822A and I am very impressed both with it’s speed and write quality…on the +R, it is not so great @ -R, in fact my 1213@1633s writes -R better

For $8 get the DW1620. There’s probably nothing to it, but when I see problem BenQs it seems to be more likely the DW1610. Also for DL burners the laser has to meet stricter tolerances (which may make for better reading performance), so that may be worth the $8 right there.

have you tried the latest firmware b7k9. its improved -r burning alot, I think most would say including myself


i think I will spend the extra$$$ and get the 1620. I am still trying to decide between the NEC3500A BenQ 1620 and Pioneer 108. Dam it’s nice to have a choice