Which BenQ should I get?

I’m planning to jump off the Plextor bandwagon and try burners from other manufacturers namely BenQ.

I’ve read reviews and specs on the 1640, 1650, 1655 and 1670 but which one to get? Should I get the newest and latest 1670 because I see it supports DVD-RAM writing (it’s not like I’ll burn DVD-RAM anyways) Whats the difference between 1650 and 1655 (only thing I see is the 1655 has Lightscribe- which I don’t think I’ll be using)

As for the 1640 after reading all the useful threads about it seems like a very solid drive but I can’t seem to find anymore on Newegg. Does BenQ make retail of the above drives? I want my drive to be badged and everything like the rest of my drives.


1640/1650/1655 are all based on Philips chipset, 1670 has Panasonic chipset. That drive is not able to do quality scanning.

Whats the difference between 1650 and 1655 (only thing I see is the 1655 has Lightscribe- which I don’t think I’ll be using)
That is the only difference.

Does BenQ make retail of the above drives? I want my drive to be badged and everything like the rest of my drives.
At least here in germany, I can get retail 1650/1655, maybe some 1640 in local stores. But this doesn’t help you.


check newegg.com, they sell the 1650 and 1655 retail.

I haven’t seen the retail version of the 1670 yet since it is fairly new. The OEM version has been available to the public for over 3 months already under Sony and other brands or being repackaged under a few companies out there. Retail Version of BenQ can be found at Microcenter if you want to come inside the store. And if you want to buy online, there are a few online retailers that have the retail version of the BenQ 1650/1655. Namely Newegg, Zipzoomfly, Chiefvalue, monarchcomputer, Mwave, and a few others. The one I recommend is BenQ 1640 but since they stopped making them long ago, so it is hard to find. Then I recommend the 1655 or the 1650, which are readily available. Dont get the plextor drive, way over price. All you need is for general use and good quality, BenQ drive, at 1/3 the price of a plextor can provide you all that.

If you have a CompUSA near you, then you might be able to get the 1640. I went to mine today. They are having a sale on the Norwood Micro brand which is the Benq 1650 & Benq 1640. Its $79.99 - $20 Instant Rebate, and $20 Mail in Rebate. The CompUSA here in Baton Rouge, LA at Blue Bonnet had about 45 Norwood Micro drives. I went through every single one of them. I found 7 that were the 1640 model and the rest were the 1650.

Just for giggles I picked up the box next to them, the CompUSA branded box NOT HiValue, but the box that says CompUSA and low and behold they were also the 1650 and 1640 models. I didn’t go through all of them, but I was ablke to find an additional 12 1640 just on the 1st two rows of them. Those were $59.99, but no rebates. I was told to look on the box and the way to tell which it is is if it says DW1640 its… DW1650 its… Before MIR rebate for the Norwood Micro it was $65.39. After the rebate it will end up being $45.38. As it happens I also ordered the 1655 off newegg last night for $44.69 shipped. I am going to install that one, and if it works well, then I will also keep the 1640. If it doesn’t… then I’ll just return the 1640 to CompUSA.


Many members still swear on DW1640. Personally I would get the DW1655 because I see no significant quality difference on these two. And since you have many Plextors, this thread might be of interest. Also, the DW1655 can now burn 16x DVD+R without any PIF spikes like in the 1640.

I just bought the DW1655 retail on newegg for $48.25 after taxes and shipping (shipping was free). Once it arrives and I install it I’ll see how well this burner actually burns.

I think you made a very wise choice, the 1655 is a fantastic drive, good quality, very fast, lightscribe, scans for quality and has the great qsuite software to fiddle with. Great buy :clap: :clap:

i got a couple of 1650’s a few days ago after using nec’s for quite awhile and so far they seem to be excellent burners and rippers.

here’s a scan of some verb mcc004 +R 16x burnt at 12x

not bad for a £22 drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent scans! Are they CMC, Prodisc or MBI?

they’re MIT …serial starting ZD5176

i don’t know if there’s different types of taiwan discs???

Check out this thread! :smiley:

ok so i guess these discs are made by prodisc instead of cmc …interesting

if cmc are better they must pull out one hell of a scan :eek:

Is there a certain type of media that the DW1655 burns really well on? Because Plextors are so picky with media I only have Verbatim (MCC 003 & 004 & MKM) DVD +/- R/RWs and Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs

I’ve got a 1650 which is essentially a 1655 minus lightscribe and It seems to love Verbatim & TY media. Checkout the DW1655 scans thread, it should give you some idea.

Just finished reading reviews of Benq 1650 and Pioneer 111D burners, and the Pioneer has the advantage IMO, especially for DVD -R writing quality. Even for DVD +R writing test results show the Pioneer produces very good to excellent quality compared to Benq’s good to very good quality. The Pioneer also support -RAM which isn’t really important to me but may be useful for some. The Pioneer can also be flashed to 111L to enable bit setting via the Dangerous Brothers firmware. I’d just about decided to go Benq myself until I read reviews in total. The only little complaint I might have about the Pioneer is which review points out it burns some 16X media only at 12X, but that’s no problem for me. Bottom line is quality of burned media which is why most choose or don’t choose a burner in the first place. One thing I noted for both Benq and Pioneer was some player incompatibility for DL -R media, and one would be wise to choose DL +R media regardless of whether Benq or Pioneer burner choice IMO.

After researching for two weeks I bought a DW 1650; OEM from NewEgg for $33; free shipping; no rebate hassles; ordered it Wed around midnight; got it Friday afternoon; downloaded QSuite from BenQ; bottom line - I love the drive! It knocks the stuffing out of the Toshiba I replaced.

Okay, my 1655 just arrived today and after installation I usually would update the firmware. I checked the drive’s firmware and it came with version BCGB, then I checked BenQ’s US website for the latest firmware which was BCDB.

I assume “GB” would be bigger than “DB” but I could be wrong so I went ahead and attempted to flash the drive. When I ran the firmware it said I had the lastest firmware already (BCGB)

How is that the website has a older firmware version than the one that came with my drive?

edit Okay, I just did a test burn with some Verbatim 8x DVD+R MCC 003 and the burner burned the media at 2.4x!!! WTF!!! Is the drive adapting to the media or is this how it’s gonna be with all my burns? Cuz 2.4x is reeeeeeeeeeally sloooooooow.

For some reason my 1655 (fw BCGB) doesn’t burn Verbatim 8x DVD+R MCC 003. It either doesn’t burn or it burns at 2.4x

However it does burn Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) 16x @ 16x and @ 8x just fine.
It also burns Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20) too

It just doesn’t burn the 8x Verbatims for some unknown reason. Bad batch maybe?
My Plextor 760A burns the 8x Verbatims just fine. The 1655 is also a very bad DVD-R burner.

Yes, it seems to be a matter of luck if you get a BenQ drive which burns -R media as consistently well as +R, though other users insist otherwise…