Which BenQ Should I Buy?

After reading so many reviews about the different DVD burners out on the market, I’ve decided to get myself a BenQ. I currently own a Plextor 716A but after only a year, it’s decided to not read rental discs as well as it used to and since it’s passed its warranty, I thought I’d get a new one.

So, with that in mind, which BenQ delivers in terms of reading rental discs or discs that have been scratched. I want a drive that isn’t so damn sensitive.

Any advice?

Thanks. :confused:

I would not suggest Benq drives for rental discs/scratched discs. From what i have heard they can be kinda sensitive to scratched discs. I would have to suggest a liteon drive for this because those are much more forgiving. My set up is a liteon 165p6s as the reader/ripper and a Benq 1655 as the burner. This combo works awesome.

Wow! I didn’t even know that. I haven’t read much about Liteon but now it looks like I’ll have to as reading is more important for me at this point.


Anyway, since the production of BenQ drives has ended, it may be difficult to get one. For scratched discs i can recommend the Samsung SH-S182D drive. So far it was able to read all discs i had, while other drives failed on them.
However the new LiteOns can a better choice considering the overall quality.

My Benqs have been good overall readers of damaged discs, my 1640 has been a slightly better reader than my Liteon 165P6S, although I would say both are ‘good’ overall drives in that regard, as are most newer drives. I’ve heard both good and bad from newer Liteons as far as readability is concerned, I think some drives are definitely better than others for both burning and reading. Same thing with the Samsungs, I’ve read from a few users that get excellent reading performance from theirs, but I’ve also read from a few people that have had only average results (I almost bought a Samsung after reading about good reading results, but I have enough drives as it is). Only one of my drives truly stands out far beyond the others for reading, but it’s an old 4x burner so that’s not relevant to anyone looking at current drives.

Heh, seems like members living in Europe will have a “second chance”, linky. :bigsmile:

My Philips DVD8801 (aka DW1650) is on the way in, I’ll let you know more i a few days. :wink:

BTW, members in North America still can find DW165*'s, linky.

My Benq 1650 has been very good at reading scratched rental discs (so far). I had a rental DVD that couldn’t be played back in one of my DVD Players but my Benq drive read it no problems. The only negative that came from this was that when I tried ripping the disc, the rip speed slowed down to about 2x-4x speed. I usually experience ripping speeds of around 10x-12x with discs kept in good condition.

But then when I come to think about it, no pain, no gain right? :bigsmile:

Some Samsung models are using NEC chipsets, which are less capable on scratched discs. But the latest models use chipsets from Mediatek (same as LiteOn), so they have better error correction.

Wow! You guys have given me a lot to think about. I noticed that the LiteOns don’t list a helluva a lot of firmware files on their site. It’s as if they’re are saying “our programmers are so good that this will be the first and last firmware upgrade.”

Anyway, I’ve been looking at the SHM-165H6S and most people have good things to say about that drive. I don’t know if I want to mess with the 18 or 20x drives as they are still new and probably buggy.

I’ll keep on reading reviews and narrow it down.

Thanks to everyone.

Yup. My SH-S182D has a MediaTek chipset, and reads (and burns, in some cases) discs that my 165P6S won’t even look at. :slight_smile:

I bought the DD DW1650 from Canada. It has a black bezel with BENQ on the plate. Comes with BCFC firmware installed on it. Not sure if it’s OEM or retail. The only thing I did was put in Bound to see if it would be read. No problems. Now I have to do some burning.

Thanks guys.

You’re very lucky to get a black bezel. Most of us here who have Benq 1650 drives ended up with beige bezels. And this despite it coming equipped with a black disc tray. :doh:

Can I ask what colour the disc tray is on your Benq 1650?