Which benq dvdrw shall I buy tomrrow and from where

I have just joined this forum and I am looking to buy a dvdrw tomorrow.

I have read a the threads and reviews here and I am now steering towards the BENQ as they look pretty reliable. I use my DVR 109 at present to back up films and music. However, recently I have been making alot of coasters and its giving up the ghost gradually.

Which one shall I get 1655 or the 1620 or if indeed do you recmmmend another make.

I am looking for a reliable dvd burner please advise plain and simply:

Also whats litescribe? I have been hearing this lately yet don’t have a clue what it is ?

get the 1655 even if you don’t use lightscribe

The 1620 is two generations old now, definitely go for the 1655.

with my new dw1655,out of the box it was getting a QS of 95-97 . now that i’ve been reading & messing around with the benq quality tool I’ve got a solid 99!!
its the first of 5 burners & i would reomend it!!good luck!!!

Thanks everyone for the advice 1655 it is then

Hey, satelight7430: No idea what QS of 95-97 is ? any chance you can give me the heads up on setting up the benq quality tool beforehand, then I can get it out the box and go go go know what I mean

Any ideas where I can pick one up from I am in the UK all the shops seem to be america


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum brambles. :iagree:
For some idea of utilities for the BenQ 1655 click on link in my sig & download QSuite manual.
For 1655 in the UK. Try Techfever or Komplett for a start.
BTW You can also download QSuite 2.1 for the relevant link in my sig.

Thanks for the kind advice I have just ordered a retail BENQ 1655 from Komplett. May even get it friday :slight_smile:

What does click on link in my sig could you explain what you mean I have looked under Quick Links but can’t actually see what you mean, sorry I am a newbie. Also what does QS of 95-97 mean?

QS refers to the Quality Score given to a specific PIE/PIF scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

good show!

thanks for doing the work for me guys found a good deal on the 1655 oem at komplett, £41.60 incl del

razzle dazzle!

KOMPLETT have just delivered my BENQ 1655, can anybody suggest how I go about setting it up for maximum burn quality any links would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

hey brambles how long did they take to deliver your drive? did you opt for the 6.50 or 16.50 delivery option? also best to have a quick scan of the BenQ forum everything you will need is in there :slight_smile:

also a good place to start


Hi Mr Brownstone,

I called Komplett on monday morning and whilst I spoke to one of their sales agents (who was very helpful) I paid for it online. I got an email on Tuesday advising it had been despatched :slight_smile: and then received it today pretty well packaged.

Thanks for the FAQ’S I have looked at them but nothing in them about the latest Q suite or tweaking.

Also if you could possibly point me in the right direction as to how I go about measuring the benq1655 using nero cd/dvd speed. I have read a thread and somebody advised that you can test the dvdrw without burning a disc? the reason I ask is that I have had problems with my other dvdrw pioneer 109.