Which BDR DL .. from these should i buy




Been looking to buy my first batch of BDR DL (50GB)

Since i live in the UK i have to buy from abroad

Ive narrowed my choice down to these two

Is there any difference in quality between these two types

These from Japan


These from USA

Mostly going to be used for archive purposes of family photos (jpg) and videos (h264 mp4)



The discs from Japan are made in Japan, they should be good and have a Panasonic mediacode,

I´ve found them cheaper here:

From USA You´ll get only three for the same price, the Verbatim BD-R50 6x are probably made in Taiwan (by CMC Magnetics?). It´s unlikely they´ll give You the same good results as the Verbatim BD-R50 4x made by Panasonic.


Many Thanks for the advice and link

Just ordered a box for £15.10 GBP




Mediacode should be MEI-T02-001 (Panasonic).



Discs arrived today



Ran a test to see the ID



Confirmed as [B]MEI T02[/B] Don’t see the [B]001[/B]

Is this good

Ive worked out i could get all my family Videos and Photos onto 2 of these Discs.

Thanks Again


Yes :iagree:, it´s good.


A word of caution when buying from outside the EU:

If the goods are valued at more than £15 (calculated using the monthly exchange rate published on the HMRC web site), there will be additional fees to pay. Royal Mail charges an £8 handling fee and you will be charged VAT at 20% (plus any applicable import duties).

The seller has a legal obligation (under international postal regulations) to record the correct value of the goods on the customs declaration. And customs have the right to open any package to check.

In my experience they are very strict. I have been charged VAT on goods purchased from the USA which exceeded the £15 limit by as little as 12p, according to HMRC’s exchange rate.

And there can be a significant difference between the HMRC exchange rate (set in advance at the start of the month) and the current market rate. On that occasion the actual amount I paid with my debit card (converted from USD at my bank’s daily rate) was less than £15.