Which available media is best for 2510 in UK?




Im looking to place an order for 50-100 DVD-R for my new Nec2510 and im wondering which media i should go for.
Being in the UK Im not able to get hold of TY so it will probably be Ritek as they as supposedly good & i will be shopping at SVP.

Im considering:

  1. Datasafe x4
  2. Ritek Ridata x4
  3. Ritek branded purple top x4
  4. Ritek Ridisc Video Reel x4

OR non Ritek (speed not important as burn quality) -

  1. Datawrite Grey x8 (fujifilm03)

I have tried the Datasafes before and the results for me have been not good or consistent.

This time should i buy different RITEK discs or am i wasting time as all Riteks will burn the same ??

Can you please share your experiences with any of these media.


i buy {DV 3098} Ritek Branded A Grade (4x) DVD-R in Pack of 25 SVP Price: £9.74

i’m using nec2510 with standard firmware they burn at x4 ok

ohh your so wrong :wink:

Maxell DVD-R 4.7Gb - 4x Speed - Spindle Tub

mine are TY


there are lots or places to get TY here in the UK. Verbatim pastel are another example.


I didnt know that - thanks guys.

http://cd-rmedia.co.uk/cgi-bin2/listproducts.pl?type=specific&catid=8&manufacturer=25 out of stock - no wonder.

Q3Dredd - the DV 3098 you mentioned. These are obviously lot cheaper than the Maxell but what are the burns like ?? Do you have a PI/PO result you could share ?


Hardly scientific, but I have used the Datawrite Greys in my 2510 and they burnt at 8x and are playable in my Mac and XBOX.

No liteon available for a PI/PO reading though.


add www.burn-media.co.uk to ur list… they have verb pastels + and -.


ooooh nice site booma, thanks a lot. They’ve got a great variety of media,
a little more expensive but postage is really cheap.


Hi ya Burrows

only a LITTLE more expensive ???

Check out the digital movie…£2.50 + vat cough

try cd-rmedia.co.uk…the very SAME item for .84 p ex vat !!! hmm , a LOT more expensive…same for pastel verbatim’s…

i suppose if you only order 10 discs at a time courier fees could get expensive but i order hundreds at a time to save that cost. Check em out . I reckon these other guys are a rip off but thats only my opinion :slight_smile:



yeah, i use cd-rmedia all the time now


Thanks for all your feedback.

Im thinking of placing order for

{DV 3097} Ritek Ridisc Video Reel (4x) DVD-R Disc in Spindle Tubs of 25


{DV 3098} Ritek Branded A Grade (4x) DVD-R in Pack of 25 (Purple Top)

Both are same price but the Ridisc video reel looks nicer.

Anyone think i should get get the Ritek Branded purple tops instead ?? Are they likely to be of higher quality as they are branded/labelled Ritek unlike Ridisc ?


I’d rate the Datwrite Grey over the Ritek’s any day. Especially if burned at 4x you get a nice smooth curve in CD Speed. The Riteks on the other hand can be variable. The Greys are at a bargain price too and if you order 100 of the suckers and are on the buyers club list you can get them shipped to you for just 99p at the moment with SVP.


How many have you burnt sucessfully so far ?? Movies play ok in standalone DVD player ??
Also do you have any PI/PO to share ? I have had good speed graphs in past but that has not guranteed good movie playback in standalone DVD player. The PI/PO i later checked in Liteon DVDROM were 600-1200. (BTW these were Datasafe brands… not getting those again)


Would you please give some pointers to sites delivering to europen countries as I don’t live in the UK (if other than the one already mentioned ) ?

I am interested in Taiyo Yuden discs and not necessaily Verbatim Pastels?


i get around 40 in kprobe on liton dvd rom

i have burn around 500 of them still working very well

Verbatim pastel dvds i did not like that much tho, :frowning:

i’m using nec 2510, on standard fireware

Maxell DVD-R burns at 8x
Ritek DVD-R burns at 4x



Thanks for the input.
What don’t you like in Verbatim Pastels ?


Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 99p Each (100)

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R £1.20 Each

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R £2.50 (LOL)



same price ish, but maxell just better i don’t really know what, maybe personal view really.

only way to get both like i did, and test them :wink:


Hi Ya

have used the video reel look disc from SVP from last batch they had in and they all burnt and played without issue on many different players. I would have no hesitation in buying them again other then you dont know how this batch of Ritek will be ? Once this batch is tried and found to be o.k i’d buy them again.



I havent tried thos but i REALLY like the look of them. Seem perfect for movie backups. I was deciding between them and he Ritek branded purple tops -these i would have thought were the highest quality as they actually labelled them with there flagship name.

Also i just seen interesting DVDs at SVP

{DV 3086} Ritek Inkjet Printable (4x) DVD+R in Packs of 50 (Awaiting stock) £20

Im a little confused about these.I thought Ritek would use there own RITEK DYE and yet these are said to be RICOHJPNR01. Ive dropped an email to SVP to clarify.


Datawrite Grey x8 (fujifilm03) are miles better than riteks when i have used them