Which audio to select

Newbie here,
Love DVD2oneX, great program.
Question for audio-
I have been choosing both audio 2 ch and 6 ch for english.
Can I get by with choosing one or the other? If so should it be the 6 ch?
Or would I continue to choose both?
I’m just wondering if this could save space for larger dvds.
Only have owned for less than a day and successfully backed up and created two dvd’s! Reservoir Dogs and Drum Line.

Thanks for help and suggestions,

You can select only the 6ch. All players will downmix the audio if you only have regular surround, or just TV speakers.

Sopmetimes the only 2ch audio on a disk is reserved for commentaries. Not always but sometimes.

you can never go wrong by simply selecting the 6ch and leaving the rest off.

I appreciate the reply Vic.

Good point, but if you copying an episodic DVD that has say 3hrs+ of material you had better just select the 2ch otherwise you will greatly reduce the video quality. Full diskcopy Star Trek Next Gen disks have horrible quality if encoded with the 6ch, but with the 2ch only they are perfectly acceptable. When you play them you just have to hit the Audio button on your DVD remote to change to the two channel track otherwise you get video with no sound.