Which ASPI version?


I use Nero for burning.

Which ASPI version should I use : ASPI 4.6x or ASPI 4.7

Where can I download ASPI 4.6x (i already have downloaded 4.7).

I want to try both.

Also, after installing 4.7 is it possible to reinstall 4.6x in Win 98 & Win XP ?


i believe the latest version is 4.7(1?), and you should be able to find it on adaptecs page. the most foolproof way to get it installed is with forceaspi.

with forceaspi, you can force the install of whatever aspi you want. so you can probably backtrack, if you are so inclined. however, ive had good experiences with aspi’s, so i havent updated since i first installed nero, lord knows how long ago.

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I use Nero for burning.

Which ASPI version should I use : ASPI 4.6x or ASPI 4.7


Use Nero’s ASPI layer for best results. ASPI shouldn’t be touched unless you get problems and unless you know what you’re doing uninstalling them. Mixed file versions can be problematic.

In any case, Adaptec’s latest version is now 4.71.2 but I wouldn’t recommend it for now. There have been reports it doesnt work well.

With ASPI I’ve found that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Use ForceASPI v4.6

I have a few programs on my PC that require an ASPI layer.
I’ve used this one for a while now and I haven’t had any problems.

Thanks CJS the last Forceaspi I have is 1.17 :eek:

i can confirm that aspi 4.71.2 doesn’t work . Afther installing it, most programs just recoqnize 2 of my 4 drives.

The most commonly held view is that 4.6 is still the most reliable version.

I will agree , i do not trust in my Win2k box anything other than the 4.60 .
It was made at 1998 ,and is still the most stable ASPI layer .

Has anyone else here tried 4.70? I’m running it on all my machines, works flawlessly…

aspi 4.60 and 4.70 work both perfectly

The 4.70 haves problems with the IAA driver for the INTEL 8xx based boards , the only way is the 4.60 .

Adaptec last free aspi layer are not installed properlly and are not recognised by for example CDRWIN .

I suggest FORCEASPI (ADAPTEC 4.6) which works in w98 and xp .

I didn’t have problem with ASPI 4.60 & also with 4.71.

What kinds of problems can be identified as ASPI problems ???

Well with 4.72 XP went crazy, and upon bootup it told me a serious error occurred, I did the error reporting thingy and it brought me to an ms page that said there was a known problem with wnaspi32.dll. Doesn’t get much more clear than that.

Thanx 4 the force ASPI tool CJS i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

No problem Ch5Micky. I’m still not sure what all those other files do, but that is how I got it so I left them there. Sounds like it worked for you! CooL :slight_smile: Works for me too!

Did you instal it correctly…only ive been using 4.72 (and 4.71 before that) with no prblems…

With Xp it has to be done using a dos window adding XP32 to the end of the instal.bat command line.

P.s 4.70 WAS a bit flakey…

Got Nero’s ASPI and Adaptec ASPI XP v4.71.1 running on my system. No problem burning w/ CDRW or ripping w/ DVD.

As I saw at Adaptec’s download site, the newer ASPI files are dated 23/11/2002 :

Filename: aspi_471a2.exe
Date: 23 Nov 2002
Size: 524,288 bytes
Language: English
Version: v4.71.2

Anyone tried these??? I still use 4.60 with no problem. I couldn’t find any info on the changes for each version though.