Which are the better DVD burning software programs

I am not all that computer literite, so please be kind. I have some videos that I downloaded from the internet and tried to burn them onto a DVD using Windows DVD Maker, but I keep getting error messages. I have Windows Vista (hate it so far), which DVD burning dsoftware should I get and how?

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ImgBurn. Unless you need to convert to mpeg2 and author?

Downloaded from the internet ? are they legal ? If not I don’t think you will get any help here, please read the rules when you signed up for CDFreaks

since when downloading become illegal??

If u need to burn it in DVD-video format to play on common dvd players u can try AVI2DVD (free), which worked fine for me or convertXtoDVD, or smth that sounds like it, i heard its decent too.

Ask some of the college kids who got fined (100’s) of them for d/l music from the internet also applies to movies also, it’s called copyright protection

they most likely got fined for Sharing of the copyrighted work.

You are right on Fidel and a lot of that goes on with movies also, that was the point I was trying to make :slight_smile: That is why I asked if they were illegal d/l :bigsmile:

The OP makes no mention of illegal downloads and we prefer to give members the benefit of the doubt.
Please leave moderating of the forums to the moderators. :wink:

Well I won’t go on about the all other stuff those have said on here but I give my advice on the software side. Depends on the format it was downloaded in but if you have a program like nero that will burn the movie to a dvd or if they come in a image format you can use something like clonecd to burn the image to dvd to watch. But I wait to see what format you have them downloaded as. Before you burn them to a dvd make sure your able to use your present player like media player or windvd or nero to play the movie and if it won’t play it you might need a codec or plugin for it to work. When you download a movie make sure you can play it before buring.

I agree with coolcolors, nero will do it all, inc image burning, down side its not cheap.

Tremendous thanks to all that have responded, except Jimbo. Yes Jimbo, these are legal downloads. They were downloaded WMV and MPEG and I have been trying to burn them onto TDK DVD-R disks using Vista Windows DVD Maker. Either it gets to 90+% before getting an general error message or after just a few minutes I get this " Cannot Create DVD …
An error occured when burning the DVD" In almost all instances DVDs show no data burned. Are all of the programs suggested here compatible with Vista?

the latest nero is.

How big are the files? And make sure your not burning at such a high speed let say do at 8x or 12x but not at max speed. But also I don’t trust movie maker it’s a inexpensive packaged program for windows and might not be up to the task your expecting it to do. But you might want to invest in a better program for movie making and also make sure you have a good burner and updated firmware as well. But if you can I would for time being be cautious of nero 7 cause of all the bugs they been having with users - I have nero and it has work well for me so far image and movie burning. But I will leave that up to you if you want to purchase that kinda software. But before as I mention you want to use a player on your computer and see if the movie you downloaded works and play properly on your computer before you plan to burn onto media. Make sure you have enough media disc as with any good media you can suddenly burn coaster. But when you do burn movie onto the media be sure not to be multitasking as it is CPU and memory intensive application and it needs all the resources it can hog and take.

You are right :iagree: but I just asked a question first before I started in detail how to change the format if needed and what programs to use, Sorry if I was bad :bow:

coolcolors, I’ve heard it said many times about nero 7 having bugs, I use it all the time for data music and movies, as yet the only “bug” i’ve found is that it has no codec for converting wma to mp3, and the codec for nero 6 is’ent compatible.

Speaking about Nero codecs, has anyone been able to use nero with WMP11 to play a dvd?
It seems like the nero sound codec desn’t work with WMP ?! I don’t get the sound wheb opening a dvd movie with WMP!
I am using VISTA 64, so my version of Powerdvd 6 desn’t work.

That is true I did mention on other posting that some people didn’t have any problems but some did.

I must be one of the lucky ones then.

Speaking about Nero codecs, has anyone been able to use nero with WMP11 to play a dvd?

I use XP pro, and no probs at all, but you do need to download a dvd codec from MS.