Which are the best DVD-Scanner with ATA-interface?

I have an USB2/Firewire-enclosure (P-ATA) of on old LG-DVD-burner.

My idea was to ‘upgrade’ it to a pure dvd quality-scanner.
Which drives would you recommend? (they should support jitter-scanning)

Does it even work or will tools like ODC or PlexTools not work in most cases?

If you can find a Benq 1640 that would be the best in my opinion.

I second that recommendation. The BenQ DW1640 was sold with many different model names and numbers. You can find a list of those here.

The Philips DVD8701 is commonly available on E-bay.

Along with being an accurate DVD/CD scanner, it saves time with it’s ability to scan errors and jitter simultaneously. Does not require a second pass for jitter as Lite-ons do. It also allows you to use the Qsuite utilities for further testing.

What is the advantage of the DW1640 compared to the DW1620 (only quality scanning wise)?

The 1640 was produced after the 1620 so the firmware has more recent media
strategies which may include media that was not available in the 1620. That said I have
pretty much retired my 1620’s because my 1640’s burn much better. As a scanner I don’t think it would matter much except maybe for DBL Layer media which I seem to recall the 1620 did not handle very well. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

[QUOTE=BLERandJitter;2670552]What is the advantage of the DW1640 compared to the DW1620 (only quality scanning wise)?[/QUOTE]

I’ve found the 1640 with BSLB firmware to be a bit more universally glitch-free in use with various scanning programs in various installations.

The single biggest reason I choose to keep a 1640 in service for scanning is simple. A few years ago, people were concerned with a potential quality issue with Falcon DVD+R DLs judging by their own quality scans.

Fred Perez, the North American Falcon representative, not only sent samples of the discs back to the UAE for testing. He also had their technicians quality scan the discs with a BenQ DW1640 and Lite-on iHAS422, in addition to testing the discs with the highly accurate DVD CATS system commonly used for factory quality control.

In addition to learning that the disc problem was not a problem, this was their conclusion:

“We learned that the Liteon shows different results than the Benq when being used with Nero. As you will see by the attached graphs, the LiteOn shows significantly worse results than the Benq or DVD CATS’s. This means that the Liteon is really not a good drive to use for media evaluation because it results are not consistent with Benq or the DVD CATS’s.”

Using the BenQ as a benchmark, the newer iHASx24 generation of drives is much more accurate than the iHASx22 generation. But as I have ready access to DW1640s, I go for the gold :wink:

Okay - then I will try to get one or two used DW1640.
How would you compare the DW1640 to real Plextors? You have at least the PX-760A - so you compared them certainly already?

There is certainly no consumer drive that can give the accuracy of factory level scanning. We are, of course, looking for one that is as close as possible.

I would never discourage someone from also having a Plextor to utilize Plextools. But one thing I didn’t mention. Even the BenQ erred slightly on over-reporting PIE/PIF levels. And I find that when the Plextor disagrees with the BenQ, most often it reports higher PIE/PIF. That is not to say that the other tests available in Plextools are any less valuable. More options and more reasonably trustworthy drives can only be a good thing.