Which are the best cd/dvds to backup ps/ps2 games?

im using tdk dvd now and i also got cd-rs which are green and some blue colored. ive saw many using verbatim, maybe i should use tdk to store multi data? and also which are best for videos?

Verbatim should do the trick in any circumstances. I’d certainly use them for important backups.

But if you have the TDK already, you have nothing to lose by trying them for everyday use.

For everyday discs (that I can replace easily), I use TDK, HP, Imation…whatever is to hand. Anything that’s of real importance goes on Verb or Taiyo Yuden discs. :slight_smile:

then i guess i’ll get some verbatim next time, thank you

For psx and ps2 cd back-ups, Verbatim DataLife Plus (but not plain Verbatim DataLife), Mitsui Gold (if you can still find any) or Tdk silvers (for data).

For ps2 dvd back-ups, Taiyo Yuden (by whatever brand name, just make sure that they’re labelled as being Made in Japan) or Verbatim.