Which app to use to backup RCE protected DVD?

Hi guys, hope u can help me out. I want to make a backup copy of a RCE protected Region 1 disc. Is DVD X Copy Platinum capable of dealing with this protection or should I use an other app for this protection? I see DVD Decryptor as a popular choice so please then redirect me to a good tutorial on how to copy this disc with the DVD Decryptor.

Try this guide… it’s very helpful…
(dvd shrink is free and it’s way better than xcopy)

Thanks…so I should decrypt RCE with DVD DEcrypter and then use DVD Shrink to copy it to a single layer disc, right?

you may be able to just use DVDshrink for everything. I’m pretty sure it will take care of the RCE protection.

grab anydvd too for the newer ones!!