Which AnyDvd to Purchase


I am thinking of upgrading to a blue ray burner.

I have a normal dvd burner and have purchased anydvd some years back.

I see that the version numbers are the same on the slysoft site for both types of anydvd soooo…will my current key work if I download the blue ray hd version of anydvd…? (and no I haven’t tried it yet)

Also if I wanted to keep both burners in my pc will the HD version of any dvd be okay for both or do I have to install both versions ?

To get full use of AnyDVD with your Blu-ray burner you will need AnyDVD HD. The upgrade to HD version of AnyDVD will work for all your burners.

You will need to upgrade AnyDVD and Slysoft will send you a new Reg Code to unlock it.

Thanks Kipper…

So what you’re saying is that I will need to [I][B]purchase[/B][/I] AnyDvd HD ? Is there a discount because I have the previous version ?


To upgrade from AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD you will need to pay 30 EUR.


Or here to upgrade/


Also to clear up any remaining confusion, they are NOT separate program. It’s the exact same download for both versions. Your license determines what functions are available. IOW, if you upgrade to AnyDVD HD, there’s no need to reinstall. Just import your new license and your new features will be unlocked.

Thanks guys…