Which animals crap on the carpet?

I dunno about everyone else, but i was recently reminded of a few incidents of my childhood years…

My cat (i let in one night cos it was sick) decided to spray crap from one end of the hall to the other. A feat that a think a human would be proud of, let alone a small cat! I woke up to my mother grumbling about cats, on her knees witha bucket of soapy water, a scrubbing brush, industrial gloves and a smelly hall.

Then when my family first moved into the house, my mum opened the door for the first time, and the dog raced inside and started scraping it’s arse along the carpet… My mum was really impressed…

Going way back, i remember the time my mum had to drag the curtains down, cos they were starting to look a bit grubby :expressionless: She reached up and grabbed more than she was expecting. Our pet budgie used to spend alot of time roaming the house. He spent alot more time in his cage after that incident :stuck_out_tongue:

When i bought my house i had to clean a LOT of stuff. One of these things were the stains that the 4 cats of the previous owners had left me as souvenirs.
The happy four kinda ruled the upper part of the house for almost 5 years , so naturally they shit and peed everywhere. Their favourite spot being the wooden stairs to ground floor.

I had to use a sander to scrape of every trace of paint and stain of every part of the stairs. Then i cleaned it using paint remover and some other happy chemicals.
Did i mention that sander had a broken dustbag ? I sneezed sawdust for about a week.

After the stairs were in their original wooden state , i cleaned them again and painted 2 layers of groundpaint and 2 layers of normal paint on it. And if you still went to smell under the stairs , you smell cats… :Z

I don’t hate cats , but it’s pretty damn near hate. If a cat ever sets paw in my house again , it’ll suffer horribly.

My Parents used to have a Poodle that used to climb on a chair then the Table to get on the windowsil which was about 5 feet in the air then it would happly piss there as you can imagine it was well loved.

Aaah, yes, another reminder that having carpet and pets in the same house leads to suffering. Carpet sucks, pets suck, wood and stoner flooring is the way to go.

Fish do not crap on the carpet! They crap in their own little world. Therefore fish is better than cats and dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

But fish are pretty boring right?
I mean they can’t exactly break things, can’t throw a frisbee to them, can’t pat them.

It’s basically a cat, without the benefits, unless of course you OWN a cat as well, then it’s very entertaining :bigsmile: To feed, and clean …

And then ya have to clean out the tank all the time :wink:

I can’t see the point of fish, unless you have them in your water cooling tower for your water cooled PC, just to be eccentric :stuck_out_tongue:

Piranhas can be exciting

I think I’d like to buy one for my ex-gf :wink:
I’d give it to her as a surprise gift when she has a bath :wink:

Well fish do not do so much… they swim around and… swim.
Occasionally they eat eachother (cats do not do that) and sometimes they swim upside-down (cats do not do that either), but on the other hand fish do not drop hair all over the place or hides mice in your sofa.

My cat was always an outside cat… But she had a tendency to track down and kill any small creatures :slight_smile: Then she’d leave the little skinned/regurgitated present on the doorstep :z for someone to find when they first stepped out the next morning! Lolololololol!

Cats and dogs won’t mess on the carpet unless they have to when trained.
My cat was stuck in one day and HAD to go (he was obviously not well, if you get my drift), and he went into the toilet and pooped on the floor. He NEVER goes in there either, I was well impressed :slight_smile:

I just had to drop by and say that fish are awesome! I catch them , I kiss them, I love them!

Like your webpage Rex. Blimey that are some big fish dude.
By the way , your footytips url is down : http://http://www.rexhunt.com.au/Footy/footy_tips.php