Which am I better off buying?

I can’t wait to waste my hard earned money. I currently have a 1.8 P4, 850 chipset, 512 rd800 and a Geforce 4 4400.

Am I better off upgrading to a 2.6 P4 with a new motherboard (probably a p4s8x) or a Radeon 9700 Pro?

Thanks for the input.

9800 Pro 256 in April :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Tonedeaf
a p4s8x

No. Dear god no. :Z :Z :Z

If you want value and performance:
New MB and an AMD XP2100, which you can O/C to 2300 to 2400 MHz on the right board and eat P4’s for lunch. 2 sticks of 256 PC3200 DDR and a Radeon 9700Pro. It will rock your world…:wink:

I wouldn’t buy a new system at all if I were you (your system will do for about a year). I guess you’ve got too much money, or an incredeble eager for 3DMarks :slight_smile:

Ah well… if you really want more overall speed, a faster CPU + memory upgrade will be the best solution. If gaming is your only concern, you will be better off with the Radeon.

As the new Radeons will enter the market very soon, I think it is not very wise to buy an expensive card like the 9700 pro right now. In about a month or two, the price of the 9700 pro will be a lot lower, and the 9800pro will be available.

About RDGrimes remark: very very right. If you buy an Athlon 2100+ with an AIUHB core, you can overclock it with good air cooling to about 2500Mhz (especially when you have an Epox board). With a litte more extreme cooling (Nitrogen:cool:) you even can OC the CPU to about 2800Mhz. That really beats the crap out of every other CPU on the planet :smiley:
No really… Athlon 2100+ on Nforce 2 boards is a dream, if you are into overclocking :)… pretty cheap as well…

Get an Audigy 2 DE and a good sets or speakers… (5.1 or 6.1). I am sure the sound will blast your whole room !

I think 512 RDRAM is more than enough. Maybe get a 3.06HT P4.
Not worth investing on R9700 cos you already have a Ti4400.

Save your money and wait for AMD K8 processors to come out. As for that audio suggestion? Why not buy some real speakers like JBL or B&W and a real receiver from Sunfire or Denon? PC speakers…:Z Audigy series…:Z :Z

But if you can’t wait, then getting an AMD system w/ nForce2 mobo, XP Tbred B, and 2 sticks of OCZ EL PC3200 should bring you lots of fun. Well, you could go w/ Corsair, but they are just over charging. Don’t forget to buy a good heatsink to cool that OCed CPU though.

Mobo: Epox EP-8RDA+ = $108
CPU: 2100 XP Thoroughbred (revision B) OEM = $90
RAM: OCZ Dual Channel Optimized DDR PC-3200 2x256MB = $165

These are newegg.com prices. Last time I checked, they are all in stock. And if you live outside of CA, the price shown is price shipped as there’s no shipping charges.

As for the heatsink, I suggest you get a good one like the Thermalright SLK-800. It goes for $35 @ SVC.com.