Which 52x cd-burner is more favourably (LG or MSI)?

hi guys!

first of all, this is a great forum :slight_smile:

I´m in decission between the msi an lg 52x burner. there a great ratings of these burners, but which would you prefer in technical sight?

I would recommend Lite On, they are cheap… they are better than lg or msi :wink:

for example:

LiteOn LTR-52327S Bulk (this is the name in austria, maybe it is sold under a different name in your country)

52x/32x/52x • ATAPI/E-IDE Interface • Access Time: 80ms • Buffer Size: 2MB • Smart-Burn • Smart-X • VAS

hmm this doesn´t help me, I need some arguments or burnout links of these burners…

Look Here

I second the notion for the LiteOn 52x32x52 burner; clearly the most bang for the buck.

I have 2 LG’s pretty good.

My DVD writer is MSI - and it is also great :slight_smile:

lg blows up in 1 year of using hard…
you better think of liteon or asus

Are there anywhere tests oder burnouts between the actual MSI - Liteon - LG burner? would be gread, if somewhere have any links of these cd burner, cause I´m going to buy a new cdrw burner and the lg-4120B dvd burner next week…

look daretrax if you care the quality of the burned cd’s lg is very good too. but i don’t recommend you to buy lg drive whatever it is it is lg. they lower the drives’ quality to produce cheaper. as i say qualities are similar but a liteon could be so much better. there are two lg’s dead at home after a 1 year of using.

hmm my old 32x lg @40x does his job still well, but I wanna do a last cdr upgrade too. I wonder that so many of yours are in opinion that lg has lower performance… here in germany, it´s very high rated, in case of cdr/dvdr… but I also ask for msi which features secure burn etc…

things as audio extraction aren´t important for me, most important is the burn quality

it blew up after burning about 1300 cd’s in 13 months time. it hasnt been that much time since i replaced it with samsung 52x burner i have burned 3000+ cd’s with it and no failures. it still have a warranty of more than a year. if you want extra abilities you ought to have a look at plextor drives. or you still can find a liteon drive. if you find none you can buy an asus. lg’s very high rated in everywhere in the world but this comes from ther preferability. because they’re so cheap and everybody prefers lg. they don’t burn too much cd’s. so they don’t have any problem. one more thing to say when lg was producing 32x or 40x writers their quality was so much better. they lowered the quality a lot to produce cheaper.maybe that’s why you don’t have a problem.
good luck

and what is with MSI 52x and it´s quality burn features in comparison to the Liteon?

MSI seems not to be specialised in optical storage market and my friend’s MSI 52x CD burner is really badly made.
Better choose LiteOn or Pioneer.

It’s really a no brainer for LiteOn in cd-rw’s. I only wish their dvdrw’s were as highly regarded.