Which 4x Media writes at 8x on the 708A?

Apart from the high-quality TDK discs, what 4x DVD+R media writes at 8x? I can’t find a list of media that does this, and im interested to know whether any of the cheaper media does it too, such as Ritek or Verbatim, as I can get them cheap here. If anyone can link me to a lisr, or just tell me them i’d really really appreciate it, need to get em in the next few days.


Rich. :slight_smile:

I’ve found out the hard way that just because the Plex 708 CAN burn a DVD+R at 8X, does not mean it SHOULD burn at 8X.

Such as RICOHJPNR01 4X “Ritek” blanks. When I first got the Plex I burned a bunch of these at 8X, and now several months later these are the only disks that occasionally have playback problems towards the end of the disk.

I have since upgraded to an NEC2500 and it burns these same blanks at 6X and saems to do a much better job of it.

Any idea which of these media are “reputed” to handle 8x?




The top link is an official site id prefer to buy from, whereas the bottom two are Ebay auctions that claim the media can be written to at 8x. :slight_smile:

This is the Ritek code:

Ritek DVD+R X4 Speed Pink (100 Pack)
Item Number: DVR5101-100
Product ID: 1350

I complained to Plextor about the Ricoh problem they said after upgrading firmware to 1.06 go and delete all dvd/cd drives in device manager and reboot…well by gosh i think it worked!!
Either the latest nero did it which i doubt or deleting all drives did i was using a memorex 4x +r disc which is a Ricohjpnr01
Hey Dolmar where you been?


I tried RICOJPNR01 and RICOHJPNR02. Both can be burned @8x but both can not be read back even by PX708A itself!

RICOHJPNR02 burns well @4x though… nearly as good as @8x in my NEC ND2500A…


A bunch of my 8X burns on RICOHJP1’s fart near the end.

Forget it. Back to 4X.

Can someone inform me if the Plextor 708A’s drive tray fully extends when hitting open/eject to the extent that one cannot manually pull it out another several millimeters? Ive tried other brands, and they always leave some slack rather than pushing the tray out all the way. This is important as I intend to use the model to upgrade my robotoc duplicator and the arm needs to line up to spec. Thanks!!


burn at 8x consistantly with no issues

Fuji dvd+r right fine at 8x (assuming the package SAYS 4x)

Their Media code is RICOHJPNR01

I use them constantly with firmware 1.06 with no problems

Everything I use in my 708A +R’s burns at 8x. Memorex-CMC, TDK, Richo, Fuji, Verbatium…

BudMan62, did I hear you right…are u happy with your Plextor NOW???

I dont know if i’m happy with it, been toyin with the NEC alot lately, i burned a few Memorex ricoh’s and they play all the way thru, dont know if the TDK/Imation/Arita ricohs will fair as well…hope so.