Which 40125?

Hey dudes, I’m just about to get a new CDRW cos my Sony 4x is getting too slow.
I hear there’s 2 types of 40x LiteOn CDRW drives, so which one is the better one, W or S version, and why?

Bailey :cool:

If you use our search function you’ll see that this have been answered loads of times before…

no real big diff between the two…

however have you thought about what you will be doing with it,
as that is more important.
I’ve got the 40125s = Brill for games etc (protections/safedisk)

but the plex better with audio…
The firmware for the 40125s (latest) now supports p-cav and mt rainier (ZSOG :cool: )- Not sure what comes out of the box with the ‘w’ but you can check that before you purchase on the writer.

The “W” have P-Cav and maybe Mt. Rainier as standard…I think