Which 2 SATA DVD-RW Drives Out Of This List?

I am building a new system with 2 dvd-rw drives, and plan to get everything sata.
The following sata dvd-rw drives are available at Overclockers and Scan that are black, so match the case:

Asus DRW-1814BLT
Lite-ON LH-20A1S-11C
Optiarc (Sony/NEC) AD-7170S
Pioneer DVR-212BK
Samsung SH-S183LBEBN

Which 2 drives would you say were the best for me to get?

I wouldnt use lightscribe if the drive has got it, so dont include lightscribe support in the decision, as if its just a free bonus:)

Also, please dont include cost in the decision, do it as if they all cost exactly the same price as I dont mind paying extra to get the best ones :wink:

I would prefer 2 drives that are reasonbly good at everything, but if there is one drive that is far superior at writing and another superior at reading, please let me know :smiley:


i would get these two

Pioneer DVR-212BK
Samsung SH-S183LBEBN

I was thinking of getting:

Pioneer DVR-212BK

Why whould you chose the Samsung over the LG?
Just wondering if there may have been something I overlooked :slight_smile:


Can you find a LG GSA H62L? I have one and also a Samsung S183L. I like th LG better for fast accurate burning.

I cant find the LG GSA-H62L or N anywhere in the UK after lots of searching :frowning:

If anybody knows of anywhere at all in the uk I could get this drive, I would definately get it :slight_smile:

Are there any big differences between the “LG GSA-H30NBAL” Vs “Pioneer DVR-212BK” Vs “Samsung SH-S183LBEBN”?
Seems like those 3 are the most popular but im finding it hard to pick the best 2 out of them…


Just to add:

If you need a drive for scanning your limited to getting the Lite-On.

Im not really going to be doing any scanning to be honest.

I think I am now inclined to get one good dvd drive for ripping/reading, and one good dvd drive got burning.

Out of the 6 drive options in the original post, which would you say was the best burner and the best ripper/reader?



I would also like to find out the answer to SitalChauhan’s question:D

Hi :slight_smile:
I would go with
Lite-On LH-20A1S for reading & ripping. (Will allow the odd scan which may prove useful if having problems with burns).
Samsung SH-S203B for burning.

soz should of specified that the best 2 in that list he posted:D

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zebadee would not steer you/anyone wrong :wink:

Cool:D Thanks for your help/ Ordering in a couple of day so if more opinions are available ill will appriciate it so much:D


get a Pioneer DVR-212 and Samsung SH-S203B

stay away from Lite-on

Hi :slight_smile:
The two drives I have listed are technically in the list.
The Lite-On is there & although I personally do not rate this DVDRW as a great drive (I question its’ writing ability). It does have some virtues. Can be an excellent reader/ripper + the option to scan (this can & hhas proved useful to users’ when having problems with burns).
The Samsung SH-S203B is in effect the replacement for the SH-S183.
So just keeping upto date really.
If you’re considering having 2 DVDRWs’ & are 100% sure you don’t want scanning then drop the Lite-On for the Pioneer DVR-212D.
The Pioneer is capable (especially with DL) though slightly slower than the Samsung.
Samsung edges it in the quality stakes too.

I am looking for an extra SATA for my 4 boxes. Which of those is a great DL reader and great on +R burns for most media?

Thanks all,