Which 19" LCD monitor has a combo of good reviews and reasonable price?



Knowing that Sonys are out of the question because of price, how are the
Norcent, Viewsonic or Princeton models? Are there any others that I should consider?


Interesting brands: Samsung, Viewsonic, Hyundai
Skip the rest, LG etc


Dell 1905FP has received good reviews and has a good feature set. Price can be very reasonable with their coupon deals always being offered.

The only flaw with mine is it’s very bright… scorch your cornea bright… :bigsmile:


Don’t forget about Iiyama, Dell and Benq…


Dell --> Samsung :wink:
Iiyama aren’t that good and BenQ… well, they’re ok but nothing more.


Buy.com has a 19" Acer AL 1916W LCD for $225 after $15 coupon. Worth it?