Which 17" TFT would you suggest?

Hi guys,

i want to buy a new 17" or 19" TFT depends on the price.
Have you any suggestions for TFTs up to €400 ?

my favorite at the moment is a Samsung SyncMaster 710N.

Thanks a lot

what is that roughly in US $$$ – //too lazy to convert just tell me

I always see that on my “home” page.

1USD 1123.82 1085.18
1EUR 1455.63 1398.83
100 1059.91 1023.47
1CNY 140.12 121.44

All in Won. 518 USD?

correct for today (conversation factor 1.295 !!!, depends on the costs for shipping but i think its cheaper to order from the us)

phillips crt 109p/40 19 inch .24 dpi is not bad and is good for graphics work with a max refresh rate 100 hrz but runs best at 1280x1024 85 hrz 32 bit colour cost £220 aprox their is a 19 inch nec with similar specs which i think may be beter for graphics work but i as far as i know it is not being produced any more
I would not recomend LCD monitors as most are 16 bit colour and slow refresh rate not good for games and graphics work but they are improving

Take a look at 17" TFT Samsung SyncMaster 172X, it’s a bit over your budget though (20 Euros according to Preistrend).

I have a 17" TFT Samsung SyncMaster 173S. I like it for the time being.

Never dealt with it personally but reviews all over the web give it thumbs up all around, for some time now.

I’ve had Samsung 19.1-inch for about 20 months. Personally, I like NewQ 20.1-inch more. NewQ 20 inch costs half. Davi 20 inch even less. 12801024 vs. 16001200. And no TV. vs. TV plus remote controller. Perhaps different situations in other countries, but Samsung sells their monitors and HDTVs for too much in South Korea. At least, they didn’t charge me anything to have a look at their latest demo products at Samsung.


Since even a mobile phone has 16 million color now, I guess it won’t be too far to have a flat panel that can finally satisfy even the graphics applications.


Dell has some really compelling monitors - and at very reasonable prices IMO-



Dell has some really compelling monitors - and at very reasonable prices IMO-

I have two Sceptre 19" and am very pleased with both-


Many people told me that Samsung and Dell are at the moment are the best TFTs you can get. I’ve also a Samsung TFT in my office and I’m really satisfied with it.

I cheked the Specs of the suggested Samsung TFTs and found that the 710N, which was my first intention, is the best choice for me. (And i can order it for €318 from Germany :slight_smile: )


The NewQ are also very interesting (i checked the HP) but i can’t find them here in Europe. What is the price difference between the two brands in your country, if they are significant i’ll search for NewQ more intensive.

Thank you all

The new Dell 20-inch 1680*1050 LCD monitor’s now available in Japan, too. Dell Japan, but not Dell Korea, sells it. Japanese price is about US$1,000, a lot more than the Dell US price.


I’ve no idea. South Korean monitor makers mostly depended on export to survive at all. The export price was usually half to one third of the domestic South Korea price. I could buy an imported CRT NEC monitor for much cheaper than locally available KDS or Samtron or Daewoo monitor, all South Korean brands and manufacturered and serviced in South Korea. But there have been too many South Korean LCD monitor makers because it’s too easy to buy OEM LCD panels from Taiwanese makers, Samsung, or LG-Philips, and assemble final products to sell to end users or other distributors. NewQ’s just one of them. BTC of Taiwan also makes 20-inch LCD monitors. The price is about the same, around US$500, so it must be under US$500 in Europe or in the US. I think NewQ’s a little better than BTC. They all use rather outdated LG-Philips LCD panels, a little lower specification, but still a lot better than oudated LG or Samsung LCD monitors.

It must be easier to assemble an LCD monitor than to assemble a desktop PC. There are millions of people who build PCs at their own homes after buying each component such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, HDD, DVD-ROM, PC case, power supply unit, VGA card, LAN card, keyboard, mouse, and so on. Why not assemble our own portable computers and LCD monitors? It should cost half.