Which 16x media

I am jsut wondering if anyone can recommend a good 16X media for the NEC 3520A? According to Nec Dump, there are a few brands that are compatable with my 3520 @ 16X (Verbatim, TY, TDK), but I cannot seem to find any online or anywhere else.


Found VERBATIM 16x here at SuperMediaStore - and on SALE!!!


Happy Burnin’


Got some of these in October. They burn very nicely on my BenQ dw1620.

If you follow the link, those are out of stock. I would like to try the Verbatim +R even though it is not in the NEC Dump list, The Verbatim -R is listed but not the +R…
Will that make a difference if the +R media is not listed??

Thanks for the help