Which 16x DVD writer shouldn't I buy?



Its seems like we have the same members all time defending the same company so why not see how the majority feel. So tells us which drive you wouldn’t recommend and why. :a
I think its obvious which one I don’t like. :bigsmile:
Going by code65536 I picked the top five, which seem to be the most popular.


I voted for (against) Lite-on IT. The drives themselves don’t seem too bad, but they need to get their a**es in gear with firmware. That was the situation 4-5 months ago… wonder if it’s true still.


The new 1.04 firmware has put this drive right back on top. Clean, super burns even at 16X



LG GSA-4163B.


MY BAD! I am an idiot. I thought the topic was which to Buy!!! Sorry…the Plextor should be the one TO BUY! Not to buy…Lite On! Another NOT to buy…BTC. Please remove a vote for Plextor…I didn’t understand…


Come on people how about some more people vote. :bigsmile:


voted against the liteon even though i own one… :bigsmile:

i got one only so that i could do kprobe tests…12x dl ripping was a nice bonus also. however, i have no intention of burning on it.


i don’t think that it is the fw…the chipset just sucks.


LiteON 16x3S have trouble with burnquality at high speeds. Why buy a 16x burner that only burns reasonable at 8x.


Lite On/Sony.


You SHOULD post the question with the key word SHOULDN’T in caps. Add one vote for Liteon and subtract one vote for NEC. Some of us scan when we read, especially when the question looks like one we have seen before; basic human information processing behavior.


i think that the results of this poll are clear already…liteon sucks!!! :bigsmile:


One thing which should make you happy is you didn’t spend a lot of money to find out you got stuck. Like one of the drives on the list. :bigsmile:


Hm… half of my 16x DVD writers I ever had were Lite-On… should I really vote for Lite-On here? :bigsmile:

Honestly, I don’t know. Most 16x DVD writers don’t perform as well as advertised. South Korean companies are advertising PX-716A can burn 1 full minute faster than Pioneer. I think that’s a serious lie. BenQ DW1620 Pro advertised to burn 8x media at 16x. Partly true but most 8x media burnt at 16x are not written well. Samsung TS-H552B is not good for any 16x write at all from at least what I have seen so far. LG GSA-4163 is good but has a high price tag for domestic (or DOM) model. Pioneer is too slow. NEC? Dee-27 is good (for what?) but some people make it difficult to have NEC…

No conclusion in this. Get drives that are cheap but work well to you.


But Code65536 didn’t say which and which are popular… BTC makes more drives than Plextor. Though Plextor drives are well loved by many enthusiast users, BTC is popular among more users that care more about performance/cost than name value. LG and TSST as well.

Didn’t you include Plextor just to make a point? :bigsmile:

If what you meant is whether a 16x DVD writer is worth the money spent on it… I think SOHW-1673S and SOHW-1653S are OK drives because they can do some things and are cheap compared to most others. PX-716A is not in most places but some people (especially in the US) seem to get PX-716A for low prices as well.


Well that make two of us.

I also thought it said: which should I buy.

Should buy is: LG GSA-4163B
Shouldn’t buy is: Lite-On 1633


PX-716A 1 min faster? With Verbatim 16x media that is certainly a lie, the opposite is true in my experience (with the basic firmware supplied, that is).
I do find the pioneer fairly fast, though he’s not the king of speed. Lite On has that “honour”, but the burns came out terribly. He’s as fast at the LG though. And much faster than the ND-3520.

Would not buy LiteOn or Waitec, though that new software for LiteOn to alter write strategies might turn the tables.


Are you saying that Lite-On’s are even fast as the LG GSA-4163B?
Can you show us some recording times?

At the moment the fastest burns come from BenQ1620 and the LG GSA-4163B.


I’m saying that I took 3 Verbatim 16x DVD+R and burned them in a LiteOn SOHW-1653S, a LG GSA4163B and a Pioneer DVR-A08XLA. All with “out of the box” firmware, so some may have had more updated versions than others. Full burn on the discs, with 5 large .nrg and .wmv files. The LiteOn took 6m26s but had ALOT of errors, the LG took 7m42s and had little or no errors and the Pioneer took 7m25s and had slightly less errors than the LG. YMMV, but those were the results I got.

PS : The Benq (non pro version) took me 7m39s, but I couldn’t get CDspeed to check it for errors for some reason, even after a firmware update. I suspect there was something physically wrong with it.


The fastest full SL burn comes from the LG 4163 at ~5.20 mins.

My NEC 3500 does it in ~ 5.40 mins.

My Philips 1640 is ~ 5.55 mins.

But all are fimware & media dependent.