Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? (NOV 2004 - OLD)

And this fw is available?? :wink: N/M just saw your post on it not bitsetting. I will pass for now. I did vote for Benq just because out of the box it supports bitsetting but really it is a toss up with nec and maddog fw.

My vote goes to NEC3500AG because of write quality and firmware upgrades (herrie) makes it even better…
Also after using this one i might as well throw my other sony dvd writer in the skip now…
No failures yet out of about 20 burns and 2 double layer burns…

I use a Plex 708 and have never had a problem (well over 100 dvds burned…mostly +R/TDK 4x burned at 8x; but dvd+rw and -r have worked fine). Several audio and data CDRs also (leave most of that to dedicated LO and older Plex CD burners). Imation, Verbatim, Sony media work fine. And I only updated my firmware from 1.06 to 1.08 this week.

I can appreciate the notion to use multiple burners for multiple needs (works for me).

Honestly I haven’t tried any of the 12/16x variety, but I am impressed with the Plex 708 build quality (they’re all plastic, but the Plex is quiet and far sturdier than my trusty LOs, old Acer or Tosh’s). As for readers, I swear by LO XJHD166S & SOHD167ST.

I don’t have the time for benchmarking, but like I said…100% successful burns, good media burn compatability and no problems with burned media in standalone players (Panasonic x 2, Sony, Phillips, Toshiba).

I really am interested in what you guys are rec’g for the 16x models as I’m considering adding another burner for a dedicated video computer (single and dual layer, principally +R, and Safedisc 3 would be nice).

It seems like the Pioneer or Benq is preferred for a video edit rig (nod to the Benq?) but copy protection is only covered by LO (?Plex) or use of older cdr burner…thanks for any info. I always find the detail/review here to be much more granular than other sites.

da toolman

uhm…just want to say thanks 4 this topic. much appreciated
im also in this situation to upgrade from my liteon 24102b cd-rw
and since 16x is the end im willing to get a dvd rw drive
ur posts will help me decide

Where did I say no bitsetting? It’s the 4160B using 4160B firmware that doesn’t have bitsetting. My 4120@4160 does support bitsetting.

The firmware is being tested at rpc1.org forum under TDB direction, undisclosed. :slight_smile:

Alright, who voted for the “other”? :stuck_out_tongue:

What constitutes “other”? I know I forgot to add Samsung to the ballot (didn’t think of it until it was too late). AFAIK, BTC and Artec aren’t making 16x drives (thank goodness for that). So who does that leave, anyway?

Voted BenQ. Has all the features previously mentioned AND is super cheap. C’mon LiteOn get your act in gear, BenQ IS the new LiteOn.

Doesn’t Optorite or Accesstek have a 16x out?

Oops. Yea, forgot about Optorite. And Aopen, too.

It could be said Samsung drives are also made under TSST. Toshiba drives, too.

It’s actually HLDS for both Hitachi and LG in the same fashion, but then most people choose to say LG instead of Hitachi or HLDS because LG’s shorter to type? :iagree:

I wonder why u guys say that Benq 1620 is a bad DVD -R writer. I have it for almost a month ofcourse with the latest firmwae and my results with - media was as good as + . REzults in cd Speed are between 95% and 97%. Isn’t that a good result? If not please enlight me

PS: i am almost a new on the forum

Results vary betwee drives and media batches, I guess. And as you can see from pchilson’s posts in this thread, it is also a point that is contested.

PS: Welcome to the forum. :wink:

I will say Lite On, it reads and burn anything. :bow:
Problaby my second choice will be Nec or Pioneer.

Both reading and burning not that good. Since this is 16x DVD burner thread, of course regarding 1613/1633/1653. LG and Pioneer are far better, for about the same price.

…and then there’s BenQ, leaving LG and Pioneer in the dust, at least according to this poll. :wink:

Frankly, I have to admit, I’m astounded that BenQ has done so well in the poll. I thought that BenQ would certainly be trounced by the NEC Fan Club ™ or even Pioneer. I can remember when BenQ was an obscure little drive that hardly anyone talked about back in the 8x days, and now it’s beating (or at least tying) the NEC despite all of NEC’s past reputation since the 1x00 days and the fact that the NEC community at CDF is much larger. I guess that might say something about the BenQ 16x drive… :slight_smile:

…or about the dangers of putting in words of advocacy in the first post. But then again, rdgrimes’ wonderfully articulate “weenies” post was only a few pixels below my first post… Eeehh, oh well. :wink:

It’s a rigged poll. :iagree: Certain un-named mods are voting as often as they want for the Benq. :bigsmile: We all know they have multiple accounts. :wink:

Personal Bio: college guy, not too much money

Burning Habits: lots. Mainly +R media because I don’t see a need for -R if you’re able to set the booktype to DVD-ROM.

Political Affiliation: registered card-carrying Plextor diehard

Voted: BenQ :slight_smile:

I was a lite-on fan but now i have LG and after i made several burns and quality scans i must say that LG is great DVD burner. Burn quality is most important to me and i did finaly find a burner that is good for my important back-up. Must say that i was looking BenQ, Nec and Pioneer too, but only LG here gives 2-year waranty.

I voted for the BenQ because I have two of them. It can read a horribly scratched DVD. Scratched or not, it never reads one as quickly as the competition, but the BenQ always does a perfect job on reads.
With the BenQ, I do have to deal with bitsetting inspired slowdowns and coasters. It’s like this: “I’m writing. . .I’m writing. . .I’m writing to a DVD-ROM? Maybe I’ll try 4x? Why am I writing to a DVD-ROM disc? WTF??” This happens sometimes. Fortunately the bitsetting (thorn in my side) is easy to shut off until Nero automatically turns it back on. The BenQ does not like to read some DVD-R, but it will write them. Turning off the bitsetting (feature? bug? Yes, both) seems to ease the BenQ’s dislike of DVD-R. VSO from France has recently released new versions of their software without auto-bitsetting, and I hope Nero does this soon.
On the upswing, the BenQ can read from scratched discs better than all others because the read head is “autofocus” not bolted down, and because it does not read higher than 8x. This same technology means that your BenQ can survive UPS because it isn’t knocked out of focus (and the reason I purchased BenQ).
BenQ has given me the best quality DVD experience. Unlike Sony, it does not lock up on errors. Unlike LG, it does not arrive permanently out of focus from UPS shipping. Unlike NEC, it is not fast. The Dual-Layer, 16x, and bitsetting features are in the hobbyist category (that’s why we’re here), and (for me) not a reason to purchase the BenQ. In fact, speed is certainly last place in this linup (try them side-by side–it’s true!!). I find that having the job done right on the first try is certainly worth the wait. It’s like this. . . Launch the quick, easy bitsetting util to make sure the bug is off. Put in the horribly scratched original without bothering to clean it. The BenQ confounds over it for the next 20 minutes on average (perfect original=12 min). Next, put in a cheap CMC Mag +R disc and watch BenQ walk the speed up and down for the next 8 minutes (sometimes 15 minues). Last step, sit down and enjoy your perfect, error-free movie. It’s like magic. In the end game, the very slow BenQ wins the speed race because the job got done right on the first try (unless that bitsetting thing. . .never mind). :wink: The purpose of the thread being hearing a very fast motor sound and watching the blue bar go from 0% to 100% in a flash (or at least 16x)–That is not going to happen with a BenQ under normal conditions (maybe a lab?). Aren’t we comparing apples to oranges? Putting the BenQ in a speed race is like a Cadillac at Lemans. You will arrive perfectly, healthy, safely and comfortably at the finish line; much, much later. :wink: At least it doesn’t take two trips. I talk too much. . .