Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? (Feb. 11, 2005)



Here’s the result for Dec. 12, 2004 poll which lasted just a week.

View Poll Results: Which 16x DVD writer do you recommend?
HLDS GSA-4163B 11 12.22%
NEC ND-3520A 24 26.67%
Philips-BenQ DW1620A Pro 45 50.00%
Pioneer DVR-A08 7 7.78%
SONY/Lite-On SOHW-1653S (or SOHW-1633S) 11 12.22%
TSST SD-R5372 1 1.11%
Plextor PX-716A 4 4.44%
Something other than the ones listed (mention it on a reply) 4 4.44%
I haven’t decided yet. 4 4.44%

Only 90 votes as opposed to hundreds to thousands that participated in the polls on other places (like CDFreaks mainpage.)

When you go to a poll, you do not see someone crying “candidate A is the right choice” unless you live in countries like North Korea. So refrain from discussing whether what you like most or what you hate most should be chosen or not by others. This thread is another “poll-only” purpose thread. The list should be updated a little.

HLDS GSA-4163B/5163D
NEC ND-3500A
NEC ND-3520A
Philips-BenQ DW1620 (Pro)
Pioneer DVR-A09/109
SONY/Lite-On SOHW-1673S
TSST SD-R5372 (TS-H552A)
TSST TS-H552B or TS-H552U
Plextor PX-712(S)A
Plextor PX-716(S)A
Something other than the ones listed (mention it on a reply)
I haven’t decided yet.

I included ND-3500A again because many people believe ND-3500A is better than ND-3520A. Also PX-712(S)A because many people believe 712 family is better than 716 family.


I chose all I don’t have yet. :bigsmile:


Plextor PX-716A isnt bad… unless you are sticking that with a nForce 4 board haha.

I am still waiting for a bios update so I can fix this timing issue =\

  1. LG GSA-4163B
  2. Plextor PX-716A
  3. Pioneer A09


Philips-BenQ DW1620 (Pro)
Pioneer DVR-A09/109
Plextor PX-716(S)A

in no particular order.


I haven’t decided yet. Having only tried a 3500, 3520, and 5372, out of those three I’d buy a 3520. I’d like to test a BenQ and a Plextor.


That is an opinion and opinions are not allowed in this thread.


For the price of the Plextor, you can just about own both the NEC3500 and the Benq1620.

Which of the many PCs will this drive get put in? :smiley:


maybe you could add the
panasonic SW-9585C
to your list
it’s specs are great
I don’t know about the preformance though


Just a few threads down, find the link here