Which 16x dvd burner is best to write with low quality disc?



Which 16x dvd burner is best to write with low quality disc? Benq 1620, Benq 1640, LG 4163B, Liteon 1693S, Plextor 716, NEC 3540, Pioneer 109?


BenQ 1620 seems to work well with some pretty crap media, and I would have thought the Lite-On would handel it well also (my old Lite-On DVD burners always worked well with even the cheapest DVD-R).

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Writing them is not the point.
Most burner can even burn PRINCOs successfully, but reading them is a pain.


But some can get better results with how easy there burn disc is to read back, for example, my old Pioneer would only produce readable discs with very high quality media.

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From those choices, I would say Plextor PX-716A with PoweRec enable is good on writing low quality disk. The PoweRec will slowdown the write speed to 8x, 4x, even 2x if it detects lower quality (usually at the end of the disk). Other drives, as far as I know, will force to write at max speed, even with OPC (or similar) enabled.

I don’t really recommend low quality disk though and I haven’t tested my PX-716A on a real crap disk. :slight_smile:


From a review of one of my friends in Seoul who compared PX-716A 1.07, Pioneer DVR-A09/109 1.20, LG GSA-4163B A104, and some more drives (he has also tested Lite-On, NEC, BenQ…), PX-716A and DVR-109 produced best results with low quality and/or cheap DVD media.


I have found that the BenQ is good for writing crappy CDR media, most likely due to the WOPC technology.


I agree with with zevia and Kenshin the Plextor 716A would be my choice, don’t own a DVR-109 so can’t say. Here is a burn of a vey bad YUDEN000 T02 disc burned with the Plextor. Plextor utilities have a Media Quality Check and this disc was not deemed suitable for a 4x burn so I wrote it at 16x for giggles, Power Record did it’s job and slowed the burn down and gave decent results. If I burned this in another Drive I don’t think the results would be the same.

BTW this Plex scan was done long before the dispute.


Wasting your time with crap media…guess some people have time and $ to burn.


Add my agreement to the above. Crap media needs correction on the fly. NEC does this to some extent but Plextor is considered the best.


Pioneer historically. Most of those “crap” media have been DVD-R because of complicated market situation and so it was Pioneer that had to fix it. NEC, BenQ, and Plextor were far less concerned with such problems. PX-716A with 1.07 firmware is good but Pioneer’s the most experienced among all. The lowest of the lowest media manufacturers often worked only with Pioneer.


I love my Nec 2510 for writing on “cheaper” media.
It achieves pretty good results with all of them.

I’m using my Benq 1640 for burning high quality media (like Plextor).