Which 16x DL to buy?

İ read too many reviews on cdrinfo and tomshardware and i cant decide on 3 writers.İ know Nec 3500 is always better but i love the style of Sony.
1.Nec 3500A -> 16x,16x,4x,4x,4x
2.Sony DRU-710A -> 16x,12x,4x,4x,4x(with BYX2 firmware)
3.Philips DVDRW 1640P -> 16x,16x,4x,4x,4x(with latest firmware)

is philips any good ? or shall i go for Sony ?(is sony’s writing quality good and is he selects media?)

good days to all! :iagree:

Nec or Philips. NOT Sony as its rebadge of Lite-on

NEC and Philips: OK
Sony: No

why not sony because i loved the style of sony dru710a and i think liteon 1633s is a good dvd writer isnt it ? so give me a full response , which one to buy ? philips , sony or nec ? i want to go for sony !!!

go sony. they are very very pretty drives and thats what matters most.

liteon dvd burners are pretty poor writers…for the most part (read: those who know better…lol) people only have them so that they can use kprobe for error checking