Which 1640?

I see that there are a few different revision/firmwares for the 1640, I was just wondering if any of you could tell me which ones to get and/or avoid. Also, do I need to be using qsuite to get great burns? Part of the time, I run win98se and I’m on the understanding qsuite does not work for it?

Thanks for reading

Read the following BenQ F/W information:


You need the newest version, BSLB revison I think.

Qsuite will allow you to adjust the settings on the drive and get the most out of it. You can set the drive to keep some settings but you will loose the ability of doing a disc quality check before burning.

TCAS, that link only has 1625 and older model firmwares on it

Then read here also:


thanks for your responses everyone, it helped some.