Which 1633S F/W?

i just bought this drive, should i use BS0H, BS0G or official from liteys webpage BS0C ?

A Lot of people are liking the new memorex F16 firmware (REbadged Liteon) it is available from the here http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html

ok, what are the advantages of memorex FWs over liteon’s ones ?

also from where did “BS0H & BS0G” come from if they are not official?
are they memorex ones?

yy i found them on dhc014 webpage, maybe he will answer to our question :slight_smile:

i wonder if 1633S wil be OCable to 1653S :> anybody know ?

i can only guess by 3S…

According to CDRInfo’s definition of “Official” BS0H is an official firmware. It’s just not on liteonit.com yet.

I have BSOH loaded on my 1213s@1633s drive and getting PI’s of 8 and PIF’s of 2 on alomst every burn using RicohJPNR01’s.

I love it!


same here, BSOH and RicohJPNR01 are a perfect combination on my 1213s@1633s. Better scans than pressed DVD. In fact, my ricoh burned on 1633s is better than yuden t02.

I guess I need to find a good firmware for my yuden t02.

i got my new 1633s, and i’ve just installed it.

it was made in August 2004, has the BS0C firmware.
what’s the changelog for the BS0H firmware? “match more media” or other tweaks too?

and nobody still answered what’s better in memorix firmwares too