Which 12x DVD-RAM writer?

I am looking at:

Lite-On LH-18A1P,
NEC AD-7170A,
Pioneer DVR-112,
Samsung SH-S182D

Anyone have any comments or observations?

I’d go for either the LG, the LiteOn or the Samsung.

A friend has the LiteOn, and I’ve seen good things from it, plus they’re good quality scanners. I have the Samsung myself, and it’s my favourite drive at the moment…plus I just have a weakness for LG drives, they burn well and seem to last, however they don’t support quality scanning.

If I had to pick one only, it’d be the Samsung…just does everything well. :slight_smile:

Arachne I saw mentioned somewhere a problem with writing the lead-in on DVD-R in the Samsung. Has this been solved?

Some people haven’t had the problem at all - either because it’s a drive thing, where some are affected and some not, or because they connected the drive to its own power connector (i.e., without a HDD or GFX card sharing).

For those affected though, there’s a special “fixed” CDF Edition of the latest SB04 firmware, which has been successful for some.

I know 4 people (including myself) who haven’t been affected by it, and love the drive.

Hope that helps :)…however, as I said above, IMO the LiteOn or LG are also drives I’d look at.

If you want scanning, LiteOn or Samsung.
If you want the best burn quality, LG or Pioneer.

Some Samsung 16x burner users have reported problems with write-protecting their DVD-RAMs. It is possible that it was fixed in the later 18x models though.


My vote is for the LG, they keep getting better with every change. I just got the 42 and it is a very good burner, especially on -R MCC which can be troublesome on other burners.

If you are [I]really[/I] looking for the best writer for 12X RAM, all bets are off.

I’d like to find some 12X DVD-RAM discs here in the USA.

Before you get too interested in 12x DVD-RAM, you might want to research if you can even BUY the media. Not even available in the U.S., and officially no intentions of it ever being sold in the U.S. as of right now. :frowning:

As far as comparing burn quality, in PIE/PIF scans my Pioneer 111D, Liteon 165P6S, and Benq 1670 all burned very similarly with slower DVD-RAM media.

I’m tempted by the Samsung - it has a cool round eject button too. :cool:

Haha, yes it’s very sexy-looking :smiley:

If you do end up with the Samsung, try it with Verbatim (MCC004) at 18x :wink:

My 12X DVD-RAM drives are:
Samsung S183L SATA Kewl round button :wink: My case has a door so i have to open it to show it off :stuck_out_tongue:
Lite-On LH-20A1P IDE
And honestly they all seem to burn fine to my Panasonic DVD-RAM single sided non-cartridge 5X discs.

Do you have XP or Vista? I’ve read some people have issues with RAM drivers with Vista. I only have XP Pro so i have no idea.

LG H42N is very loud. If I mistakenly forget a media in the drive,
during bootup I feel like my computer is taking off. It is louder
than my car engine. It burns good but for this reason I avoid using it.

I can hardly hear mine, especially compared to my Liteons. They must vary.

Same here.

Guess I’ll be the odd man out…

For quality, I’d easily go with, in this order

NEC AD-7170A
Pioneer DVR-112

For scanning & crappy 16x & 18x burns

Lite-On LH-18A1P

For scanning & good 16x, but crappy 18x burns

Lite-On LH-20A1H-185 or 186

I’ve either owned, or do own, all of the following & use them on a regular basis.

I have no idea on the Samsung, maybe I’ll buy one, one day.

Anyone had any luck finding a beige Samsung in the UK? Seem to be all black over here.

Are you sure? Mine is a few times louder than BenQ 1655.
Of course, when I put the disc inside. I put the disc
inside the drive. It spins the disc for a minute or so
very loud. Then, it becomes quiet. If I try to change
directory or copy one file, then it gets very loud again.
After that it continues to spin for another minute.
It is very annoying. I bought it from Newegg as an OEM.

It burns really good. If it was quieter, I would say it is
the best DVD burner. I had RL00 firmware, I updated to
RJ11. It is loud in either case. I installed it as
Master and Slave. It did not matter. I used it with
Windows Server and Windows XP.

I would really appreciate your help.