Whic firmware is best for 4120B?


I was just wondering: LG Germany is still offering Firmware A111 as the latest, but on the net I have seen A112 and even A115. So, which firmware goes best, which should I use?



A115 is the best from my experience. My Benq +R 8X (DAXON AZ2) would only write at 4X until I upgraded to to A115.

I am using the A115 firmware also.

But why doesn’t LG offer it officially then?

Well, maybe because they are internal firmware leaked by someone or even Hitachi for
testing purposes, and the word got around the web. So, these firmware could only be
described as being beta firmware so far. Maybe the official version posted on LG’s site
will be given the designation A116 or so. And, you know LG will be like watching thick
molasses spill at this.

And while this is just my opinion, LG already has your money. It would be advantageous to LG for people to upgrade to the 4163 that much sooner. It would be interesting to know how many people know anything about firmware updates. Most people I know would never do it if I had not told them about updating firmware.

Okay, but I have completely switched from NEC to LG because of their firmware policy regarding my NEC ND 1100A, I will never buy a NEC again because of that. So I think it’s not a bad thing for a company to regularely release improved firmwares.

A115 works great for me

The firmware versions not on LG’s official homepages are not “retail” firmware releases. The way various firmware versions are developed and released is rather complicated internally and usually only the “retail” side of it is exposed to the public. A115 is not LG’s official firmware so it voids warranty. If it was distributed by Buffalo of Melco or IO DATA, it’s not LG firmware even though the same firmware safely works in LG drives.

115 version firmware is just fine.