Whi LITEON is so popular?

Hello, im new of this forum, and the questio i have to ask to the community, is whi, the liteon cdr has to be the most popular cd writer of the community ? :confused:

What special feature they have ?

( i have discovered the upgrade 40x to 48x there is some other ? )

Thanks !

There are too major reasons:

  • 2-sheep
  • you get more than the price suggests

It’s not complicated, they offer far and away the best value, although ASUS is not far behind. Low cost, high performance.

Ok, the reason is that is have a best value/price ratio ?

I have buyed my liteon, in an hardware sale at a very low price, and it’s work very well…

(This is all in my experience)

A lifetime ago, when the earth was still young, Plextor walked around, king of the burners, being able to backup more than others it strutted its stuff and liked hearing the gasps of fellow burner, (not to mention the gasps of buyers when seeing the price tag $$$ :bigsmile: )

Then along came the headstrong Lite-On. Model 24102B, acting like the terminator, it blasted 32bit 1280X1024 shades of 3D accelerated red at the Plextor and the war was on.

With the high price tag of the Plextor holding it back, Lite-On slipped into the lead. Then when it was discovered that Plextor could backup certain discs faster, the lead was even again. Then SafeDisc v2.X in all its horror was discovered battered and bleeding in a corner after going 1 round with a Lite-On.

Basically what this ramble is about, is that Lite-On are cheap and backup a vast majority of copy protected CD’s with almost no problems. And at a minimal price tag. And while their tech support is rumored as nothing to write home about, the Lite-On forum here, makes up for that. Plus with the newer drives you can overclock them (as you pointed out, Free Speed For Nix!!!)

PS - I apologise for above said nonsense, dont sue me, I have no money, and I blame it all on the mood Im in. :wink:

-High performance
-Low Price
-2 Sheep Burner (Clone CD)
-It can burn/read many other protections


It can do everything for a fraction of the price ( 60 bucks)


to what everyone has said,(Lite-on’s will burn any CDR’s @ 52X,copy most anything and very cheep to buy)
And they are the #1 rebadged CDRW so in the U.S. we pick they up for very low $$$

I got 3, 52X’s last month for $19.95 after the mail in rebate

that is the best CDRW story and very true


  • Low price
  • Good performance
  • Good construction quality
  • Firmware are constantly updated
  • 120% burner (Alcohol’s terminology)/2-sheep burner (CloneCD’s terminology)

Originally posted by Savannah
I apologise for above said nonsense :wink:

Looked pretty accurate to me. :wink:

Given the price of plexxies downunder, the only serious rival to Liteys here are the latest Asus writers which are still more expensive than the equivalent Liteys (but not significantly so; about $30au more for the 52x) though they are not as widely known or available.

the most widely aviliable writer that lets you check your own burning quality.
Not too expensive.
Copies most protections.
Firmware easily changed to many different versions.

Thats good…

Don’t forget LG burners!

While it is true that LITEON is cheap and good, nobody wants to be cheap should they dont need to be; the CDRW drive is not a well protect industry, too many manufacturer, too few entry restriction or intellectual properties to protect(in a way). DVD rewrite drives are an entirely different story; the industry has learn something from its own history.