Whether or not to Update Firmware?

Hello everyone. I recently bought a BenQ DW1620 Pro and I was just wondering whether I should update my firmware, and if so what are the advantages? Thanks:).

IMO==Run the burner as it comes from the factory and if it works for you then there is no need to update drivers. I would download and save the new drivers for future reference.

I know many install the new drivers immediately but “one time” I used a liteon burner with 95% satisfaction then put the updated drivers in it and it almost stropped burning entirely==luckily, Liteon had another set of update drivers within two weeks.

Moral==if it works, don’t break it.

I also try to find out “what the update does” which is hard to find in some cases. When an update is to add the Swahili language, overburn a disk at increased speed, and allow hex editing, I know I don’t need that update. Good Luck

Just depends, let others endure the aggravation, and if a new firmware is reckoned to actully improve it, go for it.

Some of the older drives MUST be updated, to support current media at their lower speeds, while you generally know if your looking for the first really good firmware for a drive.