Where's your Blu-Ray threshold?



So, to address the “never switching” crowd first: That’s a perfectly OK answer, too.

The wife and I were talking a few days after Black Friday, as I’ve had Blu-Ray on my radar for more than a year, and I finally (to her relief) came up with that point at which I couldn’t resist the new format any longer: a burner, a stand-alone player and 50 discs for $400 total. I roughly assume this will happen at $200 for the burner, $100 for the player and $100 for 50 discs.

I base this on the point at which I got a DVD burner in 2003.

I’m curious if anyone else has come up with a point at which to take the plunge, and if so, what that price point is. (Hopefully, this will convince the wife I’m perfectly sane)


First I need to get an HDTV and then I will consider a player. When I can get a decent 52" LCD TV for around $600 I will make the move. By then the HD players will probably be well under $100.


I don’t have a huge screen so a stand alone Blu Ray player isn’t important to me now. I wanted to play with high def video though, and learn some about VC-1 and H264 conversion programs, so I got an LG Blu Ray burner not long ago. Also plays HD DVD disks, though I haven’t got any.

Once the drive hit the $200 mark, I was ready to start experimenting with the format. And I had already paid for AnyDVD HD, so it was about time to get some use out of it. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=UTR;2174125]First I need to get an HDTV and then I will consider a player. [/QUOTE]



I don’t have an HDTV, either … it’s a matter of saving space, for me. When my mp3 collection (mostly live mixes ripped from radio) hit 300 CDs, it got unwieldy. Now I’ve got about 600 burned DVDs of data, and getting that down to 100 is my primary motivator (Though I’m curious what I’ll do with the 1,000+ blank ones :rolleyes:).


When players can be made multi region(major buying point) and when they start doing transfers worth while. There’s a lot of movies out on BR where the transfer is sub par, like its an attempt to get as many films out on BR as quick as possible.

There’s many reviews over on http://www.highdefdigest.com/ where the movie only has 3 stars or less for image quality.

There are some films I do want to see in HD, The Matrix being one and that got 5 stars on the HD-DVD review, Star Wars, LOTR, Terminator 2 directors cut, Gladiator just to name a few.

Oh one last thing but not a major point, when they start releasing more in steelbooks and limited edition.


Powderhorn, there are many things you can do with those unused cd’s/ This from AOL, et cetera work good. I don’t plan on having or buying a Blu-Ray in the near future.


As soon as i get a HDTV and digital terrestrial broadcast i will make the switch to a standalone bluray-recorder.
Also I will have a HDTV and standalone Bluray-recorder by 2011 at the latest. Also will have a PC burner by then too.


I was waiting for the price to drop on both hd formats before I jumped in.
Toshiba had a huge sale late last year so I got a A2 HD-DVD player and of course eventually a bunch of movies, plus the 5 free ones. I paid like 135 shipped because all the 99 deals were sold out and Circuit City had plenty in stock for 30 more.
Then HD-DVD caved in to Sony’s money and quit so I found a really nice Panasonic bd-10a Blu Ray player for 160 as a demo also at Circuit City and went purple.
There used to be so many buy 1 get 1 deals and specials when the two of them were fighting it out and HD-DVD always was cheaper so I have around 25 of them, I only have 9 or 10 BD movies, too pricey so far unless it’s something I really want.
I think they’re finally starting to realize the first adopter bloom is gone and they need to drop prices if they want to actually start out selling dvd.