Where's the PX-716A firmware upgrade?

Seems like every model except the 716A has just been recently updated on the firmware! This drive was supposed to get an update in April and it hasn’t shown up yet, what’s up with that?

Why do you need one? What’s wrong with the current version?

You know you’re right, this has been a good firmware hasn’t it? Can’t say as I really have any complaints about it! If it ain’t broke. don’t fix it!

we want more choice in gigarec !

And some general optimizations regarding recording quality would be welcome, too. The writing quality has still headroom to rise from good to outstanding. I’m not having a major issue, but quality is not exceptional.


The drive is basically EOL since the 760 is shipping. Would not hold your breath for enhaced fw. Bug fixes maybe, but not enhancements. Since the recent release for the other drives was for TDK media only, it was probably contractual with TDK. Unlikely Plextor would have an across the board firmware upgrade in all drives for a CD-R media issue.