Wheres the hide cdr media option?

Hi i have a liteon 42125s burner with latest firemware,i also have the latest clone cd(registered).
I cant find the option to hide cdr media anywhere.
PLease help.
I also have the latest Nero and cant find it in there either.
Can anybody tell me where to find this option and also if Nero supports it also.
Thanx in advance

Nero will not have hide cdr media option…look in the tray…there should be an icon for clonecd…right click on it …the option for hide cdr media should be there…
if not go back to clonecd program entry in start menu and you will see an option for the clonecd tray… click on it …now you will have the clonecd tray icon…right click on it and there will be hide cdr media option

This option is only if you plan to run a backup from the cdrw…you will not need it for running a backup in a cdrom or dvdrom…also only certain protection will need this option such as SD2.51 and up and securom new are examples

also make sure AWS is off as Liteon does not require this option and it will screw up SD2 burns

Hey Nealh,thanc for the info man,i did what you said and it was there no probs,coo,thanx.
I think its a stupid idea to put it there and not in the clonecd program.Ive always ran clone cd from a shortcut on my desktop linking it to the clonecd lamb exe file.
Thanx again.

I suspect it has to do with the availablity of the option when clonecd is closed/not running…but in a tray icon it is easily and always available