Where's the f'ing burnproof on my ND-3500AG?

OK, so everyone kept saying the NEC burners rock, the ND-3500A is totally awesome, etc etc… I got one, and it couldn’t handle me loading up Outlook while burning a CD-R. WTF??? I noticed no mention of “buffer underrun protection” anywhere in the specs. Does it have this feature? Most burners these days do. Please tell me I don’t have to sit here & stare at the screen while I burn stuff… geez.

I’ve got Herrie’s 2.17 firmware.

I’ve got an ND-3500AG with firmware 2.16 that I just installed, and Nero InfoTool says the drive has buffer underrun protection.

I bought the same drive and it burns perfectly! I can do everything while burning! I don’t understand your problems. Do u have installed the latest nero-version? this is very important!

Surfing the net is fine while burning, worst ive found is playing with memory hungery ap’s like newsbinpro, or winrar,quickpar, unraring a 4 gig file…lol…watch the buffa go crazy

I was burning an .ISO using Alcohol 120%.

I can burn at 2 dvd drives at same time (4x) with 2 diffrent images, surf the web, extracting 2-3 images with winrar that is 4g (as background) and no probs here.

I use ONES record software, have a benq1620,nec3500,nec2510 no buffer underun here.

However, I do have 1024 mb corsair ram.

Burnproof works on this drive or you would get a error (Buffer Underrun). But, saying that it does not mean that if you run out of memory or cpu resources that the drives buffer will go down to 0. this will then cause the burn to slow down also to keep the buffer going. Now this should not ruin a burn, but sometimes it can, as the slowdown could cause errors. Best thing to do is light activity when burning unless you have 1 gig. or more ram.

I don’t know what happened. I was burning an ISO via Alcohol 120%, and I ran Outlook 2003…and I suppose the machine was working a bit to open that while burning, and I got a very odd burning error (don’t recall what it said, but it wasn’t buffer underrun).

Machine stats: Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB Kingston HyperX RAM.


Burning is system intensive-

The easiest way to get a bad burn is to be screwing around and multitasking while doing a burn-

Remember that it is a miracle that these burners actually work as good as they do (lasers/speed/media, etc) let alone taxing the cpu and ram at the same time-

At most - I read my email while burnin’ - thats all-


since i have a burner, even on my actual system, i do absolutely NOTHING while burning a cd…

neither hear music or read mails, nor chat / go online…

that 20 minutes for a protected cd burning with 4x are good to spend time with a girl… :wink: :smiley:

Machine stats: Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB Kingston HyperX RAM.

what’s more important i think is the HDD-speed and the chipset of your board…

if you burn @ high speed you should make sure your HDD is free for access…

i regularly do just about everything on my system while burning and have rarely had any issues even when the buffer has emptied several times in a burn.

but then i am using an intel processor, mbd, and 768mb of ram, and WD special edition 80gig and 120 gig hds,

Oh, Intel hardware…that must be it :slight_smile:

No I have a athlon 64 Fx53 and a gig. of ram and usually just do light activity while burning such as browsing, etc and I dont get errors so it is not that you do not have a intel chipset. Could it be that Outlook when it opens is trying to access the drive your burning (it does crap like that thanks to Bill Gates) as your burning it…thus causing the burn to fail.

Yeah it was Outlook grinding away at the hard drive. I was being sarcastic about the Intel chipset… I like how people are convinced that Intel is faster/more efficient, or allows for better multi-tasking, or any one of many misconceptions…

Athlon 64-bit all the way, man :slight_smile: (hmm, am I showing my bias?)

I’ll check my e-mail which requires launching outlook express and surf the net. If music match is allready open I’ll listen to music, but I never tried launching it while burning. It could have been a memory error that made it puke, will your machine pass memtest for 3 passes? Maybe it was just too much IDE activity all at the same time. Is your hard drive on a separate controller than the burner? That’s why they suggest you set it up as secondary master. Those are the only things I can think of that would make it puke. :Z

You can brows and do any activities while burning since the processor usage during burning is between %5-%20, but when you are ripping a DVD Video file the processor usage is almost %100 and if you do any small or light activities you get failure.

That’s not as touchy as burning a disc. I can do just about anything while ripping, the only time it screwed up was when I had a screensaver that put the processor up to 100%. I forgot about it and by the time I got back from the bathroom dvdx puked :Z . With dvd shrink I haven’t had a problem either. I haven’t tried to play games or anything, but I surf the net and play music. Even burnt a cd while encoding without a hiccup. You just have to make sure that your system resources are free and your system is stable.