Where's the Doomsday Clock?

I thought there would be a Doomsday clock running to show how much time was left until CDFreaks ends!:confused:
I know Sunday night I’ll be crawling into my bunker, that I made out of 50 & 100 pack empty cake boxes :iagree: and bracing myself for the impact of the inevitable agony of :a CHANGE!
so…Goodbye my fellow CDFreakazoids ! I’ll see you on the other side, in "MyCe"land …save me some “noobies”!:bigsmile:

“it’s the end of the world and we know it,but i feel fine”-R.E.M.

Tic toc ya but i think only MP|3 knows when the clock will strike doom o’clock

Will it occur before or after I roll my clock back one hour for the end of daylight-savings time?
Should I set my clock back now just to be sure I’m covered?
If the local candle shop burns down, should we all gather around it, hold hands & sing, “Happy Birthday”?

Watch your CellPhone.

[QUOTE=TCAS;2457073]Watch your CellPhone.[/QUOTE] Why? Is it going to blow up?!? :eek:

“Tic, you’re alive, Toc, you are dead, it was a nice life, if not a short one, you are between Tic and Toc, and you have all the time in the world.”.