Where's Norty?

I haven’t seen Norty, the CDFreaks Mom since xx days ago.

Shes living with her man now…guess hes got her tied up…

Love ya Norty…miss ya gal…

I installed a fence of 60cm height a few weeks ago here around where the PC is lest my daughter get me tied up. (She’s just arrived here out of one of the rooms and tries to stretch her leg across the fence which is just 15cm shorter than herself.)

It does not look exactly like this.

Kenny your going to have to get her …her OWN computer…:smiley: then yours won’t be so fun for her to play with…

Get one that makes lots of sounds and has lights. Not a REAL computer, but nice for the younger ones :wink:

P.S. That was off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

She hasn’t posted for 2 weeks now … is this some strange British phenomenon??

First Ben & Gil T P both disappearred for a while and now suddenly Norty?

Let’s make bets who off our British members will disappear next!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Norty is still alive and kicking :wink:
But it’s just to darn warm at the moment to spend a lot of time at the PC. I still chat in MSN with her a lot, when she’s not being naughty with her man. :o

well Womble is out for a few days thanks to a storm and his fantastic phone line…

she’s in gloschester or something like that :smiley:

kicking whom? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glos :slight_smile:

Yep I am.

Actually, there are some desktop computers on the floor she often plays with, not harmful, but they can’t sing or beep at a touch. There are many other things with sound and colorful lights but her favorite toys are always computers, DVD blanks, keyboards… even monitors and speakers.

i am still here :clap: …but like Dee says its far to hot to sit at the pc :wink: well thats my excuse, and im sticking to it:p:p:p.

and im like big brother im watching;-) or is that big moma :eek:

You can make your PC hotter by adding a dual-core Pentium D processor running at 4GHz per core, but I guess that’s just my way for more excitement. :bigsmile:

Hurray, Norty’s back :slight_smile:

LOL. :bigsmile:

I’m BACK!!!

The Womble Of A New Generation

It was the first one I got and the one I am sticking with