Where's my post?

where’s my post?
i posted here yesterday, i can’t find that post anywhere. Is there a time limit between registration and first posting?
sorry for being a n00b!

Depedning on what you posted it may have been deamed to have broken the rules and so was deleted.

We’re holding your post hostage. Pay us $250 million dollars or else the post gets it! :slight_smile:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Hey I am the post’s lawyer and you are not in condition to negotiate, and if you wanna see some $$$ we want to see the post first. :bigsmile:


Posts only get deleted if it violates forum rules.
Mosts posts remain visible to the staff, unless they are deleted physically (not a soft delete). However, I was not able to trace back your post quickly, so I wouldn’t know what happened to it (perhaps if I knew what it was about).

If you feel that your question was legitimate and in accordance with forum rules, you are more than free to (re)post it.

i tried to repost but it happened again - i hit the submit button, but browser stayed on same page. i hit the button again and was told “message is a duplicate of one you posted within the last 5 mins…”

whats up?

finally got it posted, had to change the subjuect line. its called “IDE channel weirdness” now