Where's my eek & clapper?



My eek & clapper are gone from the chatbox smiley selection. Does anybody know why? They appear to my right here as I am typing this, but are nowhere to be seen in the chatbox. They are a very essential part of my overall Forum enjoyment & I would appreciate them back. If any other information is recquired such as my OS, BIOS version, CPU, drives, media used etc, I would be happy to supply it. The following is a full description of what is missing.

:eek: :clap:


I swear I didn’t take them…Honest and cross my heart…
EDIT: You forgot to mention media used…:stuck_out_tongue:


Have you looked under your desk, perhaps they fell there when you weren’t watching?:bigsmile:


How a:bow:t :Demanding a :cop:y :of :a :bigsmile: a:Z :(well as:) :a bunch of :flower:s?. Still :confused:? :clap: a :eek: at :rolleyes: latest model. :kiss:paro :doh:n´t :agree: with c:cool:, but :iagree:" u:p :sad:dam" - he shouldn´t have ;)ed.

[RIGHT]good grief![/RIGHT]


Dean…that was ridiculous. What’s worse is that I actually made it halfway through your post before realizing that I could read it so well. :doh:

To the OP: the drive…err, forum manufacturer has shifted its focus to newer models of smilies and has put support for these smilies on a temporary hiatus. Please contact the vendor for all assistance regarding this issue, or wait until a fix is released. We unfortunately do not have the proper tools to correct it at the moment. :disagree: :bigsmile: