Where's Kenshin?



Well does anybody know?

He’s last activity was 1 week ago. :eek:
I also PM’ed him, but he hasn’t reacted.

I hope everything is all right. :slight_smile:


ehhh who cares?


We need more people like you in this world.


exactly, people that go straight to the point and don’t take the long way to get their point across.



BTW Havent seen him on MSN…


for those of you NOT in the know…hes in the process of moving…:smiley: just give him some time to get things in order and he will be back…


Question: Where is Kenshin?
Answer: In South-Korea.



well, i am moving all the day - right now, i am moving my fingers… :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
nevertheless, i check in here several times a day… :wink: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Even your avatar is moving… its moving… it. is… mmmmmoving…whaaaaAA!


That would be me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so everythings fine. :slight_smile:


All the people who come at cdfreaks for actual CD/DVD
related questions and don’t spend all their time in the living
room care more about Kenshin than they care about you.
Actually they even probably have no idea who you are,
just like me.


Said by the guy with a red sock in his mouth…


He propably doesn’t know who you are either. :smiley:

Btw, nice new avatar.

LOL. :bigsmile:


ok one more time…who cares, this place is not real and you can’t interact with people on a visual level or for the simple fact can’t see body language, everybody here interacts more on an itellectual level for those who have some itellect like Kenshin does. I know of him and i had my words with him before, if people care so much about someone they should have their phone number like i have coz i care for someone, therefore don’t have to use up server space to open a new thread asking for someone. Alos to be honest with you I really don’t give a mofok about who cares about me exept for one person, and i don’t have to worry about not knowing where that person is or vice versa. You being a moderator do what you are supposed to do and keep your negative comments to yourself.


Right, this thread is an obvious waste of server space, but on the contrary
your hundreds of posts in the ‘or’, ‘person above’ and ‘big number’ threads
are utmost interesting. Let me ask for a backup of these just in case…

I don’t give a “mofok” either of what you think moderators should and should
not do. You being a simple user should keep such statements for yourself.

You don’t care about what this thread is about, some others apparently do,
so let them discuss here if they want. If you don’t like the topic of a new
thread, just don’t post into it, that will be the best way for you to save
our server space.


Bahahahahaha!! Sorry nymac, but…


…but on the contrary
your hundreds of posts in the ‘or’, ‘person above’ and ‘big number’ threads
are utmost interesting. Let me ask for a backup of these just in case…

finally some one who hate those threads also… :bow:
waste of space…i agree

btw if you don’t know some one you stil can respect him or the persons who know him :iagree:


Exactly !
I never thought of you dropping in here as well.
Pretty much unusual, but purely personal thing to do, in fact.

Well, as for Kenny, I only know 1 thing 4 sure,
there’s nobody in this bloody world who cares about him much more than his daughter & wife do.

All the rest is just a bullshit or whatever you like it to be called -
a real waste of time and space.


I spoke to Kenshin about 10 days ago on messenger. We talked about, of all things, the European Airbus. Thats what i really like about Kenshin, he can hold an interesting conversation about most subjects. And quite often have a natter about our kids.
I miss him being around :slight_smile:


Dee …he said when he got all moved in …he would be back…I’m sure with having to do most of the work…and move him and his wife and daughter …it will take some time …but he loves this place …and one of the few Mods who cares about people here regardless of …where they post…