Where's Gil T Pleasure?

Well does anybody know?

His last activity was 2 weeks ago … :confused:

Maybe he is looking for Stoner

maybe he`s found a good porn site!!!

i found his avatar

Or maybe he went out and got a life, na :stuck_out_tongue: just taking a brake prob


Gil T Pleasure
Last Activity: 4 Weeks Ago :rolleyes:

hrmm…it’s the big question on our heads rite now…who’s gonna hire the private investigator? hehehe

We dont need one:
There is a contact section, and a about section, I am pretty sure this is the right Gil T

Im kinda confused, its about the same time he stopped using videohelp forums

Last visit: Dec 10, 2004 16:58

Anyway, I emailed him:

I was just wondering, are you Gil T from CDFreaks?
Basically we are looking for somebody called “Gil T” who suddenly stopped using many forums at the same time, and are wondering what became of him.

Sorry, this may be completely wrong, if so, please ignore this.



He stopped visiting the videohelp forums a few weeks earlier than the CDFreaks forums … maybe he found girl.

Washed away by a Tsunami?

That would be a tsunami that didn’t made the news. :rolleyes:

OH i’m sorry i had him locked in the dungeon…hes so quite i forgot i had him there…cerebus…didn’t tell me …i had him locked in there with him…

Status Gil T Pleasure: Last Activity: 07-01-2005 19:01, Offline

Well, I got no reply to my email, so maybe that wasnt him.
I seem to remeber him having problems with his account here just before he left, but I thought Da_Taxman fixed that for him.

Ben :slight_smile:

Well, it seems our Gil is back :slight_smile:
Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. :slight_smile: I’m glad to be back. You can take CDFreaks out of Gil, but you can’t take Gil out of CDFreaks. (Does that make sense? :confused: )

W00t, w00t, w00t, GTP is back!!

Where have you been? :confused:

Hello! :bigsmile:

Welcome back! Where’s your blog so we can be updated what you have been doing all those eons you were gone? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good to see that you are back Gil T! :wink:

I feel the love. :slight_smile:

For $64,000 question: where did GTP go?
A) He found a good p0rn site
B) He went out and got a life
C) He’s just taking a brake
D) He found a girlfriend

Gil: All of the above. :wink: