Where's cheapest European shop for Verbatim DVD+R 16x,please?

Hello mates,
i’m looking for Verbatim dvd+r MCC04 (and for TY 8x) here’s in Europe, at good price. :smiley:
Anyway, i looked at usual shops reported here too and not many sellers have it…where do you buy it, usually? Could you tell me where’s the deal,please?

Thanks in advance

none knows ?

I’m in belgium and buy my T-Y 8x (right now Fujifilm made by TY Mediacode:
YUDEN000T02 from http://www.allwebsales.be

The media is real and they are honest. I talk to Ellen when I’m there.

the copy tax on media is pretty high in belgium, (adds something like 0.70 €/pc

i don’t know if u have to pay the copy tax when they ship to Italy. If u can get it from them without the copy tax and without the belgian sales tax (b.t.w.) the price could be pretty good.