Where's Airhead

Where did he go?

Airhead’s dressing up in ABBA costumes instead of posting silly uh… I mean [I]important[/I] stuff here at CDFreaks!

[I]Ã…h, Ring Ring
Bara du slog en signal
Ring Ring
Tystnaden är så total
Ring Ring
Skingra den oro som mal
Om jag fick en signal tog jag ett språng
Hjärtet gjorde en volt, ding-dong, bing-bong
Om du ring, ring, ringde en endaste gång
Om du ring, ring, ringde en endaste gång[/I]

Airy’s feeling a bit backwards today :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: Where is the God option?

This poll is illegal without the God option :eek:


Sir Airy is anywhere he wants to be - and most probably with underware on his head-eh!

Airhead has clearly moved to Entropia Universe, which is well known to be the newest suburb of Sweden. :iagree:

He’s running around in a yellow jump suit and finding sweaty creatures as we carry on with our mundane lives in the other world.

You lie. We all know he is buried in your melons. :bigsmile: Anyone volunteer to go fish him out?

He is currently living up my sleeve. So far he has constructed a rudamentary water wheel and is now using it to power his porn computer. He has also trying to make a purple cylinder shaped object. Wonder what it is?

No no no, that’s not true :disagree: In fact I was wrong about him having moved to Entropia… I’m sure i’ve just seen him in Canada :iagree:

I just saw a blond bloke driving a DeLorean down the street in Mississauga :eek:
Surely this must be airhead :iagree:

(It was quite cool actually, I’ve never seen a DeLorean before, except on tv)

Middle Earth :iagree:

He IS wearing underpants on his head and obviously cant find his keyboard.

I knew it all along…

…he simply went [B]POOF[/B]…

and disappeared.

Airhead had Parity Ow-Outer Failures?! :eek:

Nah, someone got a pin too close to his head, so he went pop not poof. :wink:

That wasn’t a nice thing to do, Jester :wink:

So does that mean Airhead is now Pinhead? :stuck_out_tongue:

You really have to wonder about some of the young lads around here…

Jester too…c´mon, admit it, you [I]popped[/I] Airhead!


Airhead after the pin-induced head-popping?

Our favourite letiled Modelatol is busy defraggling his hard drive.

Those little bastards get everywhere.